Sunil Chhetri Biography : Total Goals in His Career

Sunil Chhetri Total Goals

Sunil Chhetri Total Goals:- If you are here to know the total goals of Sunil Chhetri then you are at the right place. Today in this article, we will tell you about the total goals scored by Sunil Chhetri and also about his famous records. But before telling you about Sunil Chhetri’s total goals, let me tell you something about Sunil Chhetri.

Sunil Chhetri, a name that does not needs any introduction. He is the captain of the Indian national football team and Bengaluru FC. Sunil Chhetri is one of the best football players in India. He is the highest goal scorer of India and the 2nd highest active goal scorer in the world after Cristiano Ronaldo. Today this Indian star overtook Messi and became 2nd highest goalscorer with a total of 74 goals. 

Sunil was born in a poor family where he doesn’t have money to buy boots but he had fought with all the obstacles and became the captain. His captaincy excites us more to know about his achievements. Now it’s time to move towards Sunil Chhetri’s total goals, so without getting late let’s move towards our topic.

Sunil Chhetri Total Goals

Sunil Chhetri’s total goals are 74. Till now he had scored a total of 74 goals with placed him at 2nd position above Messi and below Ronaldo among active goal scorers. In India, nobody had scored this number i.e. 74 before Sunil Chhetri. He is the football legend of India, although Chhetri is also a great fan of Messi and Ronaldo. 

Now you know Sunil Chhetri’s total goals but do you also want to know the years when these goals have been made. 

  • 2005 ( 1 Goal in 5 Appearances )
  • 2006 ( 0 Goal in 1 Appearance )
  • 2007 ( 6 Goals in 7 Appearances )
  • 2008 ( 8 Goals in 13 Appearances )
  • 2009 ( 1 Goal in 6 Appearances )
  • 2010 ( 3 Goals in 6 Appearances )
  • 2011 ( 13 Goals in 17 Appearances )
  • 2012 ( 4 Goals in 8 Appearances )
  • 2013 ( 5 Goals in 11 Appearances )
  • 2014 ( 3 Goals in 2 Appearances )
  • 2015 ( 6 Goals in 12 Appearances )
  • 2016 ( 2 Goals in 4 Appearances )
  • 2017 ( 5 Goals in 6 Appearances )
  • 2018 ( 8 Goals in 6 Appearances )
  • 2019 ( 7 Goals in 11 Appearances )
  • 2021 ( 3 Goals in 3 Appearances )

This is how Sunil Chhetri’s total goals are 74 in 118 Appearances. Here you know Sunil Chhetri’s total number of goals in 15 years of matches. Now it’s time to move towards the records of Sunil Chhetri which he had made at the time of scoring these goals.

Sunil Chhetri Total Goals: Records 

1) Sunil Chhetri: Highest Indian Goal Scorer

Sunil Chhetri is India’s highest goal scorer. In India, nobody had achieved that potential till now, and I am sure that’s what excited you to know about Sunil Chhetri’s total Goals. 

There are many good players in India but Sunil Chhetri is the only one with a total of 74 goals. 

2) Sunil Chhetri: Most Appeared Indian Footballer 

Sunil Chhetri has played the highest number of international matches as compared to other Indian players. He had appeared in 118 matches, no other Indian footballer had achieved this.

3) Sunil Chhetri: Highest number of Hat-Tricks

With the highest Indian goal scorer, he is also the highest hat-tricker, sounds tricky but it’s true. He had made the highest number of Hat-tricks in the matches against Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Chinese Taipei.

4) Sunil Chhetri: Highest Goal Scorer in Indian Super League

Sunil Chhetri is the highest goal scorer in the history of the Indian Superleague. He had scored 47 goals in Indian Superleague matches.

5) Sunil Chhetri: Highest Goal Scorer in NFL

Sunil Chhetri is the highest goal scorer in National Football League. As I said, he is a star footballer and Sunil Chhetri’s goals proved has that thing.


I am sure you have been impressed by the achievements of this great footballer. His goals and achievements have a never-ending list that can’t be covered in this small article. But all we have tried our best to tell you about Sunil Chhetri’s goals in as short as possible.

Hope now you know the total goals of Sunil Chhetri and also know the years when he had scored. So that’s all about Sunil Chhetri’s total goal. Our team works day and night to provide useful information to you so that you can get better and become better. If you liked our article then don’t hesitate to share it with other football fans. Your simple step of sharing this article can increase everyone’s knowledge about Sunil Chhetri’s total goals and also motivate us. Hope you will share it everywhere and spread happiness.

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