Summer Essential for Men: Cotton T-shirt and Loose T-shirt

Summer Essential for Men

Summer is back and so is the heat! Indian summer can be described with words such as humidity, scorching heat, dripping sweat, and along with with-it sudden rain. All people want to do these days is sit in air-conditioned rooms, sipping cold drinks and stay cool. With such high temperatures, it is often difficult to stay dressed properly and modestly all the time and the only solution to summer dressing is men’s cotton t-shirts. A cotton t-shirt is an ideal option to beat the heat and you can always go with bright solid shades like rust orange, mint, rose pink, cherry red, tropical blue, etc easily available in the market. A cotton t-shirt is appropriate to wear for both office and casual wear. 

Fashion trends come and go but t-shirts for men never go of style. You should rather play smart than hard by investing in some basic men’s cotton t-shirts. They can be worn for almost all the social situations, be it to parties, office, family get together, meet-up with friends, dates, and you can even wear them at home. T-shirts paired with jeans bring out the best look in boys. It is one such evergreen garment that requires no second thought while selecting which to wear for an event. T-shirts, as they all say, are the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet. 

Have you noticed that men’s fashion has changed over the last couple of decades? Detailed put on men’s wear has changed. But the collection of t-shirts that men possess in their wardrobe never lost its limelight. It is one among the foremost comfortable and versatile garments. You might pair them with whichever bottom wear you want. If styled carefully, t-shirts are very stylish yet comfortable for all seasons. 

We all are aware that the best deals in life are win-win. Ethical and comfortable buying choices need not always come at a higher cost price. Men’s cotton t-shirts are available in online and offline stores like at an affordable price. They offer you great a deal on all the products. The price of t-shirts is also an important criterion to be considered while buying them.  

How to choose a cotton t-shirt? 

Are you unsure about what to look for? 100% cotton t-shirts are always a good choice because they are soft, comfortable, and breathable. The sleeves should hug your arms lightly and hit the mid-bicep, with the hem falling around your pockets. It is, sometimes, also recommended stocking up on neutrals (white, grey, and navy blue). 

Things to look at before buying a t-shirt: 

  • Invest in solid colors 
  • Stick to your budget
  • Go with premium fabrics 
  • Make sure it fits you

Here are some of the must-have types of cotton t-shirts in every man’s wardrobe 

  • Solid Cotton T-shirt 
  • Polo T-shirt 
  • Stripped cotton T-shirt 
  • Pocket T-shirt 
  • Henley T-shirt 

Which t-shirt neck should you choose?  

There are several necklines to choose from. Some are V-neck, boat neck, crew collar, scoop-neck, etc. You might be confused while selecting your perfect neckline, but always remember, experimenting with your style is always a good option. So, experiment with some to know your perfect one. 

From a casual meeting to rendezvous beer meet-up, you can always be dependent on men’s cotton t-shirt for a stylish, classy, and sporty look. They can be paired with jeans, formal trousers, joggers, track pants, pyjamas, etc. based on the occasion. Some popular cotton t-shirt brands: Everlane, James Perse, Calvin Klein, Carhartt, Under Armour, Brooklin, Uniqlo. 

Fashion is all about the fit of the garment you wear. But sometimes oversized outfits also make fashion trends. We all have that one inexplicable loose t-shirt in our wardrobe which we rarely wear. Do you wonder that the same, often ignored, piece of a comfortable t-shirt can give you a dazzling, glamourous, and cool look to your summer outfit?

mens tshirt

Over-sized t-shirts are the hottest trend these days. Inspired by K-pop fashion, people all over the world have moved their foot towards oversized t-shirts. They are super comfortable yet very stylish and cool, adding a magnificent touch to your otherwise ordinary look. Such t-shirts can be worn by both men and women styled with various accessories. In the recent past, these t-shirts had a renaissance in terms of popularity and demand. They have become a key part of street style fashion. Over-sized t-shirts look best when paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers or flip-flops. You might also style them with formal pants or top them off with denim jackets. 

Both cotton t-shirt and loose t-shirts are available in online stores, which are the most preferred shopping platforms given the current lockdown situation. Some of the online stores are Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, Cotton world,, Shoppers Stop, Amazon, Decathlon, Good stitch, etc. All the men out there get your hands on the latest trends before they run out of stock. You better hurry now and grab your piece taking reference from the suggestion provided.

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