Start Your Career with Microsoft Azure Certification Course

Microsoft Azure Certification Course

There is no doubt that we are right now living in unprecedented times. But among all such situations, the Microsoft Azure market is strong. Companies are transforming into Digital technologies and avoiding capital expenditure on a short-term basis and shifting towards moving applications to the cloud. There are so many enterprises that are at an early stage of Azure adoption.

A career in Microsoft Azure:

There are certainly headlines of companies who have moved a partial amount of their data center footprint to the public cloud where few workloads are running or maybe they are still getting started. Many customers in today’s market are facing operational issues and security issues because of slow IT transformation procedure as engineers adapt. There are lots of skills gap still exists and there are lacks of the process to get into cloud administration. Below are some of the job roles in which you can build your career in Microsoft Azure:

1.Azure Engineers: They are required to help engineer for all the necessary components that you can learn through these modern architectures to become successful.

2.Azure Administrators: These are important to keep the environment running and responding to as per the day to day expectations. Having the conversations on Cloud Centres of Excellence for another day but 

3.Azure Architects: They are always in high demand. Azure Architectures will help to design applications and infrastructures to run the application securely and effectively on Microsoft Azure.

4.Network and Security: These roles need to be adapted to blend with all the above roles to maintain their specialties at scale. 

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Knowledge and experience in the key holder of your Azure Career:

The main thing that everyone has to remember is that there are no shortcuts to get high-paying jobs in good companies. Cloud Certification mainly in azure is definitely the way to measure and fill the gaps of your knowledge and make yourself industry level to get a good job. Microsoft Azure Course and certification program will increase your knowledge and skill which will help you to enter into this field and gain professional experience. The more you work practically, the more you gain experience and the more you have progressed in your career journey and get opportunities to work with reputed companies in the high salary package.

It is important to have a rough road map of where you are now and where you want to take your career in the future. Ask yourself in which part you want to make your focus whether it is on support, management, or engineering solutions with the goal of eventually becoming an architect. Think about yourself whether you want to stay in your current role in the IT sector or want to shift in management. Suppose, you are totally new to Cloud Computing System and Microsoft Azure, then learning the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and become an administrator would be a perfect choice. Now, if you want to shift from VMware Administrator to Microsoft Azure, advance your skills by learning the fundamentals and then expanding engineering skills with experience and move up to Architect. 

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Azure Certification Program as per the Career Choice:

There are different Microsoft Azure courses and certifications to do for different roles as mentioned below:

For developer – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ – 900), Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204), for Azure Admin – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ – 900) and Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104), for Security Admin – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ – 900) and Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ – 500), For Azure Architect – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ – 900) and Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ – 303) and Microsoft Azure Architect Exam (AZ – 304) and to become Azure DevOps Engineer – Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ – 400).

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: 

Microsoft AZ- 900 exam is one of the most important exams in the Azure course and certification program. AZ-900 is a basic qualification more aimed at sales and managers people surrounding the Operation teams to understand them in a better way. The Azure Fundamentals program has been designed by Microsoft mainly for those people who are willing to start their career with cloud-based solutions and services. You can say that this is the beginning of your Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure journey. This exam will be beneficial for both who are starting their career in Cloud Technology and also for those people who are not exactly into the technical field but willing to know about Cloud system. 

The candidates who are early in their Azure tech career, the Azure AZ-900 certification can be part of what lifts them from a less technical role to a more technical role. But without proper practical and industrial experiment, only the Azure Fundamental certification would not be enough to get a job. 

For anyone brand new to Microsoft Azure and Cloud Platform, this is the starter certification for them. 

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