Spotify Already Tests Voice Recognition Within The App

Voice Recognition

Spotify has become one of the streaming music platforms preferred by millions of users in the world. We are talking about an application that arrived a few years ago making little noise but that has managed to position itself at the top of the market and as one of the most downloaded apps Spotify Premium ApkA success that is due, in addition to the millions of songs that the service integrates, to innovation.

The introduction of the timer, the new premium plan for couples, the animated covers. .. Many are the novelties that Spotify has been introducing in a service that is shown to the world as something much more complete than a simple music app. In this case, we are talking about another change that can give good results to users: the integration of voice recognition. It is a new tool that is already in the testing phase and that will allow users to interact with the app through different voice commands. 

Voice commands reach Spotify advertising

The Swedish company continues to introduce important innovations in an increasingly comprehensive app. On this occasion, we find the integration of some voice commands with which Spotify wants to give users the possibility of interacting. We are talking about new functionality that, in principle, would be intended for advertising with which the different profiles will be able to reject or accept the ads just by using their voice. The key to this service is to improve the ease of the application and prevent users from having to interrupt their listening and manipulate the app with their fingers.

However, not all advertisements are irrelevant. Sometimes we can see ads that interest us. From now on, it will no longer be necessary to access the terminal to be interested in any of these promotions, all that will have to be done is to answer in the affirmative and the mobile will take us directly to the corresponding link. In this way, Spotify is testing a kind of virtual assistant expressly dedicated to offering more possibilities to users in the advertising section. It should be noted that this service will only be available in the free version of the app since the Premium service does not have advertising.

Spotify is taking the first steps to integrate voice commands and sound recognition to incorporate this feature throughout the application. The most normal thing is that in a few years we can control most of the apps through voice commands without having to manipulate the device with our hands.

Spotify is one of the most important services of the moment. Millions of people trust your subscription to be able to listen to music anywhere on the planet. You can do it for free and also paying. Now a new feature could arrive for premium users of the service. This is a very normal function in multimedia players, but that Spotify for Android had not yet included in its application. This is a timer so you can set a time limit or use it to listen to music before going to sleep. The function is not yet implemented, but it has already been seen in screenshots.

But this is not the only news that has been confirmed for future updates. Spotify also works together with Google Maps to improve the support of both applications. It is not news that Spotify has support for Waze and that you can control playback without leaving the GPS navigator. Something similar will come for Google Maps.

Spotify will allow you to set a timer for playback

This feature has been leaked thanks to the Twitter profile ‘wongmjane  . In the filtered capture it is appreciated that Spotify will include a timer to stop the music automatically . This is very interesting if you want to set limits on the use of the application or use it to go to sleep. The timer has steps of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 45 minutes . You can also set the music to stop an hour later or at the end of the track that is playing.

Setting it up seems very simple, although it is not yet a function that is available in the application . It will arrive for Android in future updates, so we recommend that you be attentive if it is an option that you were missing.

We still don’t know if it will be exclusive to paying members. It may also be available to ‘free’ users, although the most likely option is that only paid users have access to this automatic timer.

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