7 Common Sewer Backup Causes & Quick Fixes

Sewer Backup Causes

Sewer backup is one of the most worse plumbing problems that can occur. Most people might think about where the waste goes from their home? It all goes inside a sewer and if it gets back up it can cause some serious problems. Various reasons can cause a sewer backup. A plumber has a tough time cleaning those sewer lines. All plumbers have to deal with sewer backup once in their life and it is very frustrating.

The first thing you can do is not to throw everything down your sewer line as it can cause clogs. Some other reasons could be because of various reasons. Plumber Anaheim or in big cities of California like San Jose, San Diego, etc have to deal with will clog sewer, drain problems, leak pipes, and more as a part of their day to day work. Thus, they can get your task done with ease and are just a call away (provided you are in these cities) and the same in this case for any other major city of the U.S. 

Getting to the core of our discussion let’s move on to look at some of the common causes of sewer backup and how can you fix them. 

1. Clogs 

Sewer backup is caused by us because we throw anything or flush anything through our toilet and drain. You need to know what to and what not to flush through your toilet. Even flushing hair and vegetable peels can cause clogs and that will lead to a sewer backup. Only flush human waste as they are biodegradable and don’t cause any clogs in your toilet or sewer line. Before flushing makes sure that it is biodegradable. Do not flush plastic material down your drain or toilet as it will cause clog and can lead to massive damage to your drainage and sewer lines.  

2. Tree Roots 

It is one of the most common causes of sewer backup. Tree or small plants can grow anywhere wherever they find some water and nutrition. This can damage sewer pipes or even cause a sewer backup. There is no one can do about tree roots but if it starts growing it can cause some serious damage. Tree roots keep getting bigger over time that causes pipes or sewer lines to back up. 

3. Broken Pipes 

Pipes can leak due to several reasons and that can cause all the waste products to store in the sewer and will cause a sewer backup. Some pipes can even get corroded and can damage over time. Old buildings have old pipe installation and should be checked if there is any kind of leakage or damage. Always install your pipeline by a professional plumber who knows how to install it and how long will it last. Pipes can even break due to high water pressure or some calamities. So, if there is any broken pipeline you need to get it check to save the sewer from causing any backup. 

4. Grease is Dangerous 

Grease is like a devil to your drain and sewer lines. It might not seem dangerous but it can cause some huge damage to the sewer and drain system. Grease will cause a barrier down your drain to pass anything from it. As the grease cools down it gets solid and becomes a barrier for sewer and causes sewer backup. Running hot water might seem to be a good idea but if the amount of grease is too much inside your pipes then not even hot water can prevent it from causing a barrier. It will damage your pipes and cause sewer backup so remember not to pour grease down your pipes. 

5. Rainfall 

Heavy rain can also cause sewer backup because even sewer lines have a maximum capacity and too much rainfall can cause sewer backup as it cannot handle more than its capacity. When rainfall is too heavy it could carry lots of things with it that can cause a sewer backup. It can cause floods because sewer lines are clogged and cannot let water pass through them. Places, where there is heavy rainfall every year, have to face sewer backup to fix this situation you need a better plan for sewer lines with a much larger capacity.  

6. Non-Biodegradable Waste 

Some wastes are non-biodegradable and you should not be throwing that garbage down your toilet or pipes. Plastic and food waste are some serious causes of pipe clogs and later it can even cause a sewer backup. Know what you need to or do not need to throw down your kitchen or bathroom sink. Use a separate dustbin for your solid waste released from food and other components. Non-biodegradable waste is a serious cause in our society that causes heavy damage to pipes and sewer lines.  

7. Non-Flushable 

What do you flush in your toilet except for human waste and tissue papers? Are you flushing some other products which you shouldn’t be? Well, flushing hygienic products and plastic in your toilet can also cause clogs in your toilet and sewer lines. It might seem ok to flush anything down your toilet but over time it keeps accumulating without even your concern until the damage has been caused. Do not flush anything down your toilet as it can lead to some serious problem sooner or later.  


Now you know what can cause a sewer backup and how you can prevent it from happening. Remember what to throw and not to throw down your pipes and drain. As it gets accumulated over time and causes havoc. Plumbers have to face and clean all this. You can try this professional plumber just in case if there is any plumbing problem at your home. Take care of your sewer and pipes to prevent them from any kind of damage or clogs.

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