Find Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Windshield

 Windshield Needs Replacing

One of the most important parts of any vehicle is its windshield. In the absence of a windshield, it is impossible to drive. Besides, you do not want bugs, birds, etc, hitting your face and mouth throughout.

The purpose of any windshield is to offer safety to the driver from rain, wind, weather elements, bugs, flying insects, and debris. So, if you have a damaged windshield, opt for a windshield replacement instantly. Otherwise, you are putting everyone in the car at risk.

But here is the rub. How can one identify the need for a windshield replacement or need for a repair? We will discuss all the signs that point towards a windshield repair or replacement. In case you notice any of the signs below, fix your windshield immediately.

1. Presence of Cracks and Scratches

One of the crucial aspects of driving is to be able to clearly see the road ahead. If there are cracks, scratches, foggy patches, or chipped areas on your windshield, your driving ability will be hampered.

At times, on the road you have to make quick decisions to make a turn or make a decision, hampered visibility will not help you here. Even a minor imperfection here can result in serious accidents. Minor spots on your windshield can generate blind spots for the driver.

One must not drive with compromised visibility, since it has proven to cause more than 46% of road accidents. Learn from past mistakes and drive safe.

If there are scratches or chipped areas on your windshield, it is not necessary to replace the entire windshield. Hire a glass repair expert who can provide a quick fix.

Even if this does not call for a replacement, it does not mean that you can skip the repairs. DO not delay these repairs or procrastinate the job. If you leave these imperfections unattended, the problem may eventually become irreparable and you will need to go for a replacement.

Risk of breaking

On the other hand, if there are cracks on your windshield, then the threat is even more prominent. This is a sign that your windshield is at the risk of breaking at any point. Big cracks can also hamper the driver’s ability to see on the road.

You can gauge the intensity of a crack by its size, if it is 3 inches in size, then your only option is to opt for a windshield replacement. However, if the crack is small, then a simple repair may suffice. But you must consult an expert for guidance ahead.

All in all, you must invest in a new windshield if it has huge cracks in it. It is almost stupid to drive around with a broken windshield.

2. Use the Vehicle Inspection to Your Advantage

In case you have a vehicle inspection due, then make sure you assess the health of your windshield. Look for minor cracks, chipped spots, and scratches. Because the presence of such imperfections can fail your vehicle inspection.

It is smart to do the necessary repairs prior to the inspection. This way you will not have to go through the trouble of scheduling the inspection again.

3. Does Your Windshield Appear Visually Different at The End of The Winter Season?

The cold winter season can wreck your windshield. Accumulation of snow, salt, or ice can cause trouble to your windshield. Besides, when it is freezing outside, drivers switch on the heater and this is bad news. This huge temperature difference can prove to be disastrous for your windshield.

Never make the mistake of use boiling water to remove the ice on your windshield. This rapid change in temperature can cause the glass to break. Try to park your vehicle in the garage as frequently as possible during the winter season. This will prolong the lifespan of your windshield.

Even if you are taking all the security precautions, still the freezing winter can impair the appearance of your windshield. In that case, the only choice is to opt for a brand-new windshield installation. But it is best to take an expert opinion.

4. Are Any Pieces of Your Windshield Missing?

Well, this may go without saying. If parts of your windshield are missing, there is no choice but to replace them. In fact, you should not delay the new windshield installation even by a single day.

When pieces of your windshield are missing, its strength is severely affected. It is like a ticking time bomb. Your windshield can crack, collapse, or fall over at any point in time even with a small impact.  Besides, the broken area on the windshield is practically an invite for insects, pests, spiders to enter and live inside the vehicle.

5. Perhaps Your Last Repair Did Not Do the Job?

There are high chances that you have already attempted repairs on your windshield and they did not sustain. If this is the case, then it shows that the repairs did not do an effective job for your windshield, and you need to buy a new one.

Do not try the repairs again and go for a replacement.

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