Pros And Cons Of Online Learning During The Covid ERA

Learning During The Covid ERA

Online learning, many of us don’t know this one before a decade. But now everything has changed. This covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lifestyles. We all can distinguish our life into two periods, Pre covid and post covid. Now, we are in a new normal era, where children are having separate smartphones and not playing outdoors. Even adult also love to use smartphones and loves to be alone and doesn’t want to spend time with the nearby and surrounding people. 

Covid 19 has separated us physically, as to maintain social distance and we have to keep ourselves apart from the crowding. But we people take this as an advantage and start to keep a distance mentally as well as physically from other people.


  •  People spend too much time with their families. This is a great period where everyone loves their families so much and understands the importance of their family member’s presence.
  •         People have started to admire their home and their family members. We always detach ourselves from the family in the name of work. But this time we have a lot of time to understand them, love them more.·       
  • People came to know about the value of their life and also they came to know about the importance of money and time. So many people have undergone many problems without money in this lockdown.
  •         Many people have found their inborn talent and start to explore various fields. So many people have lost their jobs, this induced them to think out of the box and made them an entrepreneur and other respective jobs.


  • Financial crisis. A major problem, everyone has undergone this problem during this lockdown. But this crisis gives a lesson to prepare a plan of savings.
  • Economic fall down. The entire country suffered due to this. In the lockdown period, essential things themselves are not at all accessible for us. It was a very tough situation that we had come across.
  • Loss of job and health. The greatest wealth for all of us is Health. Health is more important than money. But this pandemic period has drastically changed our lives and we are scared about our health. At the end of the day, people realize their life value. Due to the economic fall down and financial crisis, so many people have lost their jobs and suffered a lot.
  •    Depression. We had spent a lot of time within four walls and the smartphones and laptops give a depressing feeling. It creates lots of stress and too many health problems.


Coming back to the main topic, the advantages of having online classes during the covid era is just amazing. Students can learn anything and anywhere. Students can learn their lessons easily from the home or anywhere that is feasible for them. Before this covid era, education was restricted in the form of time, place, and other respective standards. But now, everything has changed.  

       Visual learning is now easily available for students to widen their knowledge. Before this covid era, not everyone had smartphones and 4G quality internet. But now it is easily available. More than that it is necessary. If you have a smartphone, then you can learn anything. It becomes a necessity. There are so many educational apps available, students can learn apart from their usual school learning. They are introduced to too many fields that may help to mold their future well.

Nowadays children are exposed to this visual learning world. Before that teacher teaches children and asks them to imagine something. But now with the help of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. They can visually be seeing that respective subject topic or anything related to that. Students are becoming technologically sound.


Online classes cause depression both to the teachers and learners. All the people are expecting offline classes. How far it is possible to see, talk and answer in front of a screen. It creates a boring feel and it also creates numerous health problems such as loss of eyesight and also prone to be affected by the radiation of electronic devices.

       The coin has two sides. Likewise, online learning is also having both advantages and disadvantages, but we have to go by the world.

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