Precautions To Take Post Pandemic When Back To Workplace

Post Pandemic

Even with the unlock phase going on, the threat of coronavirus is not yet diminished. While it may sound overwhelming to resume going to work after a break of months, the danger still lingers. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, people were forced to stay at home for a while. Lockdowns were enforced across the country for a couple of months and it was only after the announcement of the Unlock phrase 1.0 that workers started resuming activities at the workplace. Unlock 1.0 saw a gradual increase in outdoor activities with people going to work only after taking necessary measures. 

The Necessary Measures

Health organizations laid out guidelines and precautions that were obligatory for office goers and workers, to adhere to while they went outside. Certainly, because the lockdown cannot be stretched further and outdoor activities are required to recommence to pull up the falling economy of the nation. But all this had to be done, with the lingering fear. 

It is a tricky period for every individual out there and the country at large and the only light that will guide us through this tough time is the safety measures laid out in health care departments.

In this article, we have compiled a few crucial guidelines that we strictly need to comply with, while returning to work.

Back to Workplace and Necessary Precautions to follow!

The world was consumed by desperate straits, after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic. And to curb its spread, strategic steps are being taken actively. So, let us now check out the safety measures and precautions that strictly need to be followed while getting back to work.

  1. Masks are a must-have.

You cannot just step out of your house without wearing a mask. The virus spreads particularly through droplets from the nose and mouth. Hence, your nose and mouth should remain covered. Also, ensure you don’t touch your mask often. Moreover, you can also choose to go double-masking for extra protection. Therefore, wearing a mask is of utmost importance while you go out.

  1. Wash or sanitize your hands at frequent intervals.

While you are outside, you are likely to touch surfaces that have been frequently in contact with many others. So, it is mandatory to wash your hands with soap thoroughly, at regular intervals, and particularly after touching any surface. Wash your hands with soap at least for 60 seconds, as recommended by experts. Keep a sanitizer handy that contains at least or more than 60% alcohol, in case you do not have soap nearby.

  1. Opt for face shields and gloves, if necessary.

If you are likely to be surrounded yourself by more people at work, you can opt for a face shield. Face shields are an extra preventive measure. Gloves are also another preventive measure when you come in contact with shared surfaces. 

  1. Maintain the social distancing norms.

Yes, of course, it is necessary to maintain social distance while you are outside. A minimum of 6 feet distance needs to be maintained while interacting with people. Avoid hugging, shaking hands, or any physical contact of any kind with your co-workers. You should try to maintain one arm’s distance while sitting or standing beside other workers. 

  1. Avoid crowded areas.

Even if you need to step out of your house for work, crowds and gatherings should be strictly avoided. Even at the workplace, avoid interacting in groups even while having lunch. There should be enough gaps maintained between two workers sitting side by side. Meetings should only be conducted when indispensable. Even at the meetings, the number of people should be lowered. Meetings should be held in larger rooms so that social distancing norms can be followed. 

  1. Keep the workplace clean and Hygienic.

Before resuming work, the workstations should be cleaned and sanitized. Also, the workplace should be regularly cleaned, giving particular importance to the restrooms. Surfaces should be wiped off with disinfectants as they are frequently touched. Masks, gloves, and face shields should be properly disposed of. A bin with a lid should be used to dispose of any waste to avoid infection. At the entry points, the temperature of every co-worker should be checked before entering the workstation.

Safety Measures that Need to be Followed while using Public Transport

Although it is advisable to avoid public transport as much as possible, people using it should follow some safety precautions. It is better to avoid public transport that is crowded. Use a sanitizer frequently while traveling. While moving in a bus, try occupying seats where there is no one sitting beside you. Avoid touching the doors and windows. 

Even after you come back home, disinfect your accessories such as laptops, mobile phones, chargers, files, and others. Wash your hands thoroughly. Take a bath if possible and dispose of your masks and gloves properly. Also, make sure that your clothes are washed and cleaned using a detergent. Do not attend the office if you feel unwell.


Organizations have opted for fewer work hours with staff working on alternate days. Workstations have been resuming work with 30-50% of staff, which helps in reducing the crowds at the office as well as the rush in the public transport. 
Yet, urgent care should be taken by workers going out for work. They should particularly adhere to the above precautions while resuming work. Take care, these are tough times, and we need to be extra vigilant.

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