New In-House Chipset and 6 More Google Pixel 6 Leaks

Google Pixel 6 Leaks

Last year, the codenames for new phones from Google were revealed, namely Passport, Raven, and Oriole. Passport is predicted to refer to a cellphone with a folding mechanism (like a passport shape), while Raven and Oriole are predicted to be Pixel 6.
The Pixel 6 itself is only expected to be released towards the end of this year, but rumors or leaks regarding the design to specifications, especially the chipset, have become one of the hot topics of conversation on the internet. Without further ado, here’s a review of leaked information from the Google Pixel 6.

  1. Design
    Google has never been afraid to make design changes in each of the Pixel series, so it makes sense that the Pixel 6 will have a much different design than its predecessor. One of the leakers – Jon Prosser revealed the renders of the Pixel 6 based on the original Pixel 6 photos he got.
    It can be seen that the design of the Pixel 6 is very different, especially at the back where there is a horizontal camera module that runs across the top. On the front, the screen still uses a punch-hole but now has an in-display fingerprint sensor.
  2. Screen
    New In-House Chipset and 6 More Google Pixel Leaks
    Google started the trend of high refresh rates on their cellphones on the Pixel 4 and that trend seems to be continuing on the Pixel 6. But the question is whether they will stay at 90Hz or go up to 120Hz.
    In addition to the refresh rate, the Developer Preview for Android 12, which the Pixel 6 will use, also reveals some other features. The first is the return of facial authentication which was previously on the Pixel 4 but was removed on the Pixel 5 and the in-screen fingerprint sensor as shown in the renders in the previous point.
  3. Chipset
    Next up is the chipset which is honestly quite interesting. The latest report from 9to5Google claims that the “Whitechapel” chipset is ready to be used in Google-made cellphones released this fall, including the Pixel 6.
    For those who don’t know, Whitechapel is the codename of an in-house chipset made by Google which is said to have performance between Snapdragon 865 and 888. Through Whitechapel, Google’s already extraordinary photography quality is also claimed to be even better. If these rumors are true, then Google will, like Apple, make their chipsets for their flagship devices.
  4. Camera
    The camera is one of the main selling points of the HP Pixel and the latest series, the Pixel 6, is rumored to have two rear cameras. In addition, it is also rumored that there will be a “Pro” variant with three rear cameras consisting of a main camera (called 50MP), ultra-wide, and telephoto with 5x optical zoom capability.
    In addition to improving the hardware quality, Google also confirmed that it will improve the AI ​​capabilities for the Pixel 6 camera in addition to working with experts for more realistic human skin tone accuracy.
  5. Battery
    The previous Pixel series, the Pixel 5, was equipped with a 4,000mAh battery which in some tests only lasted less than 10 hours (in 90Hz refresh rate mode). That number is fairly low compared to HP of the same class or price.
    Therefore, it makes sense for Google to fix that problem by giving the Pixel 6 a bigger battery, especially if it will adopt a higher refresh rate later. Rumor has it that the Pixel 6 will have a 4,500mAh battery while the Pixel 6 Pro will go up slightly at 5,000mAh.
  6. Release schedule
    When compared to other aspects, the release schedule is the most predictable. Google always releases their Pixel phones in October (except yesterday’s Pixel 5 which was released in September). Therefore, it is very likely that next October will be the month of the Pixel 6 release.
    This assumption is also supported by Max Weinbach – one of the credible leakers who says that Google is indeed planning to release the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in October this year. However, if the slow chip production process becomes an obstacle, it is not impossible if the release is postponed to November.
  7. Price
    The reason why last year’s Pixel 5 was priced higher than the Pixel 4 was the fact that the Pixel 5 was a mid-range phone, unlike the flagship-class Pixel 4. Reflecting on that, there is a very small possibility that Google will lower the price of the Pixel 6 later, especially if the specifications or features that are owned are more directed to the status of the flagship label.

So, the Pixel 6 will likely be priced at a starting price of US$799. However, it will be interesting to see what Google does: stay at the premium price or drop the price to attract more consumers.
That was the review regarding rumors and leaks from Google’s flagship series, the Pixel 6. For yourself, what do you expect from the Pixel 6?

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