8 Things To Consider Before Moving To A New House With Elder

New House With Elder

Planning to live with your elder of your family? Then let’s just first congratulate you. You have decided to stop and think about what your aging relative would want before shifting to another place.

Moving to a new city or house with a senior can be very challenging. Having to uproot elder people from a long time place can be confronted with disagreement. Having a parent or other elders who are relatively healthy can help you around with errands such as babysitting, contribute financially, help around the house, or help with the children. But if they get sicker they would need you to take care of them and look after them.

To make it easy for them you can start by analyzing the new place and ways to transport them to the desired destination.

1. Does it have all the required facilities

When you have an elder at home, you should always consider living in a place that is closer to hospitals and clinics. Old people don’t like traveling much. The discomfort of sitting for a long time while traveling can be very hurtful. Even though there has been a drastic development in infrastructure providing medical facilities in every nook and corner, but still it would be great if you could look for a place closer to a good hospital or clinics.

It will best, after shifting you have the emergency number of the doctor as well.

2. Communicate

An important part of the moving process is communication. You need to make sure that your loved ones are joining every step of your moving process. This needs understanding on both sides. Disagreement can be there but the dialogue has to be maintained to remain open and constant.

According to a post in Huffington Post, it is best to have a direct yet cooperative conversation with your loved one. The thought of striking a conversation can be terrifying yet you will have to follow this path to make the plan work that includes inputs from your seniors.

It is a must that you start the conversation concerned with moving in advance especially if it concerns their health as well. This will give you plenty of time to exchange feelings and ideas to make the whole moving process work.

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3. Agree on a place

Based on their as well as your needs and requirements you can choose from a wide range of options. Priority should be given to the senior’s needs and then decide on the type of residential facility you’ll be required before the household shifting.

Whether the house is near a park or any recreational center, does it have a clinic or hospital in the vicinity, such questions need to be answered before making the shift.

While looking for the rental property don’t forget to include the budget as one of the main criteria for the selection. You should keep their as well as your perspective in mind.

4. Detail every step of the move

Once you’ve decided on the property now it is time to execute the move. Start with the planning and layout of the steps that would make the transition smoother. Pen your plans down in the calendar. This will help you remember things perfectly and complete the relocation on time. detailing is very important when it comes to shifting elders. From finalizing packers and movers in the city to deciding the color of the walls in your new house, every minute detail matters.

Prepare a checklist to help you keep on track. In the whole rush, you may forget small assignments such as taking your parents to the doctor for a monthly visit, forgetting their timely medicines, etc. If you keep it written somewhere there is no chance of forgetting it. This will also help you in tracking your budget that may easily run during household relocation.

5. Involvement of the family

Your family may be 2 or fifteen. No matter what the number is, bring them out to join you. Instead of treating house shifting, you can make it a get together. You’ll have to take the initiative as needed. Having a family to help out during this time will stand like moral support for your parents and get the work done easily.

Having enough family members you can easily ask someone to stay with the elderly while you are busy shifting. If you are finding it difficult then you can always call packing and moving service providing company to make things easier.

6. Settling into the new setting

After moving, comes the settling of elders in the new surroundings. Talk to seniors if they are finding it comfortable in the new house. Do they want anything else? Spend some time with them to understand their needs in the new place. Don’t overbear them with too much of your presence. Give them some breathing space.

If there is a recreational area nearby, you can take them there once or twice before they are capable of going there by themselves. If your place is in the vicinity of the residential area of other family members, encourage them to visit you for lunch or dinner. This will lift your parents’ mood. Seeing a familiar face in the new surrounding is always soothing.

7. Understanding the kind of care required by your loved elders

Seniors often have a problem of hiding their pain and settling for very little. If you have parents who are hale and hearty they won’t have much problem coping with the new surroundings. In case the person is having a mental or physical condition or facing any chronic illness you may have to find such a packer and mover.

Yes! You need someone who will understand your requirements and work accordingly. With a little bit of care, they can move comfortably. Understand their condition and relate it to the moving company. They will make necessary arrangements to avoid any kind of discomfort. Packers and movers take extra care to manage the packing around elderly people effectively. They try not to bother them and make an essential organization.

8. Does your new place have enough rooms?

The new house should have a proper room for you and your parents. A comfortable place to rest and unwind. If you don’t have extra space for them, will it be comfortable with all the furniture around the place.

Take proper measurements before moving in. it would be embarrassing if packers and movers are unable to fit all the furniture and items in the new house. It is essential to consider space for supplies and equipment. In case of emergency, you may need a slope for your elder at home for the access of a wheelchair.

Do think thoroughly about the accessibility issues, bathing facility, and space for adaptation is there or not.


A lot has to be thought through before you can shift to your new house with your elder parents. Coping with their shortcomings and understanding their condition is also very important. Having a professional packer and mover can make things easier for you. Ask for your relative’s help and try to make your senior comfortable during the move. It can be a little flustering for them so, cope with their situation as much as possible.

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