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Multicultural Development

Multicultural development Australia has a multicultural heritage and has an amazing multicultural history that is steeped in a history that has been the subject of many books, plays, films, and cartoons. The first settlers in Australia were mainly of Italian and Indian backgrounds, but today there are more than fifty different nationalities in Australia. There has been a massive influx of people from various countries of the world to Australia including many of the indigenous peoples who have made a home here.

Numerous communities have developed their own cultures and ways of life including Aussies, South Australians, Victorians and people from overseas such as Pakistanis, Iranians and Asians. All these cultures and peoples have brought with them their unique customs and traditions, and over the years, these communities have developed their own festivals and even their own languages.

Multiculturalism in Australia had its roots in the first migration period, when there was a great influx of people from Asia, particularly from China and India. Over some time, different ethnic groups settled down in different areas of Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The original colonizers came for different reasons at a time that is still raw and painful to this day. The first settlers were from a small country called New South Wales, which is now known as Australia. When they arrived, they had to endure much hardship, and they built big tent cities and homes and even had to fight for their right to stay. But they built a country and a nation that is today known the world over as multicultural Australia.

There are many groups that have developed over the years as a result of the multicultural policies of the Australian government. One such group is the multicultural Australian Women for Diversity (WADD). This group was formed to help women who are seeking asylum in Australia. They work with the women to improve their skills, promote awareness about issues concerning women, children and the community at large. Through their program, the women give them the necessary exposure to the differences between the different cultures in Australia.

Apart from these programs, there is also a group called New Queenslanders. New Queenslanders are those who were displaced when the first settlers arrived in Australia. Through programs and projects run by the New Queenlanders they have been able to resettle in the country. They work on improving their English language skills and enhance their knowledge on all aspects of life in the country as well as on other parts of the world.

Australia has been facing many challenges on the multicultural front. Some see it as a failure, while others view it as an opportunity. Whether it is the immigrants or the local people, they welcome any assistance that the government can give them in order to cope up with multicultural policies in Australia. They feel that by accepting multicultural policies, they are not only doing their part in saving the Australian culture but also the multicultural policy in the country. In fact, they contribute a lot to the country.

The government has introduced a number of programs which aim at providing assistance to the different communities. Different programs that were implemented earlier have worked wonders, and now there are more programs under the government’s control which will help the multicultural policies to succeed. By implementing such policies, the government ensures a steady inflow of immigrants and settlers so that the multicultural society in Australia is not lost. With the multicultural policies of the government and the contributions made by the local people, Australia is sure to be successful in the multicultural policy.

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