5 Breathtaking Islands in World Similar to Maldives

Breathtaking Islands

Not in the Maldives, But still like Maldives, These amazingly beautiful places that closely resemble the Maldives should be on your bucket list.

A holiday to the Maldives is unforgettable, but whether you want to try new things or try a different way, these destinations are equally worth trying. In addition to the sun and the sea, many places like the Maldives are rich in cultural heritage, dense jungles, and well-preserved national parks. Taste fresh seafood and communicate with locals at the beach bar. Holidays are coming, and when you can spend a well-deserved holiday on the popular Maldives island, you start to dream. 

How about traveling to some fairly remarkable beaches and islands across the globe that make you feel like the Maldives? There are so many beautiful places that should be completely on your wish list without bankrupting you! Jaw-dropping scenery, aqua blue waters, lesser crowds, and stunning sunsets on a unique island, and the opportunity to explore. Take a look at these Breathtaking Islands that look just Like the Maldives and you can book airlines tickets to make your tour best and secure.

1. Pulau Weh in Indonesia

This beautiful island paradise is a hidden gem for Indonesian beach lovers and a great place for snorkeling and diving. Visualize yourself paddling in diamond-bright waters, swimming with many oceanic animals, including manta rays, whale sharks, and sea turtles. This island is located in the north of Banda Aceh and also home to waterfalls and volcanoes, waiting for you to explore. Forget the Maldives and visit this equally beautiful but underrated island with Allegiant Airlines booking for your next holiday trip!

2. Rawa Island in Malaysia

The Sultanate of Johor owns this beautiful island, Only 16 kilometers away from Mersing city. This idyllic destination is a paradise for marine life and part of Sultan Skandar Marine Park. This island has everything: the emerald sea, white sand beaches, and spectacular sunsets are all at your front door. If you want to jump on an adventure, there is also a huge pier with slides and rocky cliffs, or a volleyball net to play games with your friends, and many water activities!

3. Timbur, Brazil – Indonesia

In the middle of the sea, surrounded by blue water, lies a small island that many people have never heard of. The Timbur Sandbank in Brazil looks like a photo taken in the Maldives! Here, you can picnic and snorkel in the waters surrounding the sandbank. Seemingly in a remote place, strolling in Timber, Brazil is like floating in your dream world. With ​​only about 150 square meters, this ultimate exotic destination is Raja Ampat, with the calmest and shallowest waters. Be sure to come here to experience it for yourself!

4. Koh Lipe in Thailand

Koh Lipe is one of the most underrated beach destinations in Southeast Asia, with secluded diving sites, spectacular beaches, and some of the best snorkeling spots for watching tropical fish. It is also only 30 kilometers away from Langkawi, which means looking for halal food Not an easy question! This little arcadia on the Andaman coast even has tracks leading to the observation deck. You can explore and enjoy the aerial view of the natural beauty of the island. There are no cars here. Everything you need—from cabins to cafes, dive shops, and massage cabins—is within walking distance! Please note that there are no direct flights to the island to travel.

5. Mabul Island in Malaysia

When it comes to Mabul Island, one thinks of pure and clear waters, swaying coconut trees, and happy floating huts. Mabul Island is located off the southern coast of Borneo and maybe just a small beach paradise you are looking for. Can you believe this is not in the Maldives? If you don’t like diving, you can relax on the soft sand or explore the fishing village. It is also the location of the only one-of-a-kind diving equipment in the world! Stay in the Water Bungalows of Mabul and enjoy a luxurious water resort overlooking the world-famous Sipadan Island! There are other types of accommodation on the island to suit different budgets.

These islands are the epitome of beauty and you can visit them whenever you wish. Book Air Canada Flights and hop on an exciting journey of your lifetime to one of such islands.

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