Is SEO Really Important for Your Online Business?

If such a question rises in your mind you are in the right place as we are about to explain about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is an IT solution for online businesses that can make or break a website fortune so you must know the basics of SEO before venturing on to signing up an SEO outsourcing company in India and asking them to revamp your website according to its algorithms.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

In short optimizing websites according to the standards of Google Search engine or any other search engine is called search engine optimization. Several elements of digital marketing strategies contribute towards the optimization work culminating in to increased web traffic for websites. It has been proved that appropriately optimized website get the attention of Google than other websites hence most websites new and old goes for SEO so their websites pull in online crowd. 

How Does SEO Work?

SEO or search engine optimization consist of several online strategies, practices and actions that are aimed to achieve the end result of getting top positions in search engine result pages. Only top ranked websites on the SERP s are clicked by online visitors so it has become necessary for websites to opt for SEO.

There are primarily two types of SEO practices carried out by SEO experts they are

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO is made up of anything that you can do with your website that will improve your website rankings with search engines. This essentially involves increasing the speed of your web pages, that is fast loading and opening web pages, presence of most searched keywords, making improvements on the web page usability and appearance, header text, inputting fresh and interesting content on the web pages that include text, photos, videos and illustrations.

Off-page SEO refers to activities and practices carried out by online business on other websites that have relevance to their business. This usually involves planting content and reference links so reverse flow of traffic is engineered towards their website. This may involve publish content in blog sites, forums, and other websites that have connection or relation with your business activities.

It is hard work and will take time, awareness and knowledge of SEO, implementation of SEO strategies as desired in both on–page and off-page to push your website rankings to the top. When your SEO outwits or outsmart other website SEO, then your website will achieve the #1 spot. It is like running a triathlon and successfully reaching the post, because SEO involves much discipline like the sport and you have to excel in all of them to capture the number one slot. The eligibility criteria is not the amount of visitors your website enjoy, or the number of pages or the number of links, but collective performance of all these elements. If you have everything in right balance you will achieve the number one rank and considered as best and duly recommended to online visitors by Google.

Why your website SEO is important?

Google’s way of determining the best website is to consider SEO and the best SEO always win. When someone enters a query in to the dialogue box which is relevant to your business, then your site must come on top of others. it is extremely easy to manipulate search results by software generated content and get consistently top rankings. But modern SEO prevents this from happening and only deserving websites with proper SEO goes through and get number one rank in the Google SERPs.

SEO is important because..

  • It enables you to achieve top ranking in the Google search engine result pages. As we all know only the first 3 sites are clicked by online visitors who seek help from Google to get them their products. More than 65% percent people limit their searches within the first 3 websites and SEO can get you in to one of these three brackets. 
  • SEO equip your website to defeat rivals to the post. Online competition is intense so it is important that you get most exposure for the incoming online crowd. Fortunately or unfortunately people trust in search engines like Google and SEO allows you website to get int o the good books of Google which obviously will end in online customer patronage of your products or services.
  • Irrespective of your brand or logo status, your financial position, business size or fame, you get fair rankings when your SEO is good enough for the search engine. SEO makes it possible for small and medium enterprises to compete with big businesses so it is vital that you optimize your website to Google standards and seek help from the best SEO outsourcing company India.

Search engine optimization is relatively cheaper digital marketing strategy to get organic crowd into your website pages. If you are a budget oriented small business or start up or an existing website struggling to attract online crowd you must opt for Search Engine Optimization and you can be assured that the decision won’t fail you.

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