Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About dogs

Knew About dogs


Knowledge is such a blessing, the more you give, you more you reap. Success entirely depends on this factor. No matter how much hard work you do, it is always the knowledge that comes in handy during our long run. Here, we are dealing with our furry friend that is the dog.

 Considering these vital factors in mind, there are several interesting facts I bet you never knew about your furry friend. Paws and Whiskers have emerged as the perfect platform that not only deals with dogs but several other topics related to cats as well, such as cat’s whiskers costume and much more.

We are the one that deals with all kinds of pet care products that will set you apart in the market in terms of companionship with your dogs as well as cats. Listed are certain interesting facts about the same. See below and don’t forget to visit the paws and whiskers. store for more interesting factual data.

  • Dogs aren’t color blind. Their eyes don’t have the receptor for red. They can not only see in black and white but also shades of blue and yellow.
  • Have you ever imagined any dog that does not bark? I know it is a bit difficult for the same. But there lies one breed that doesn’t bark they yodel. It’s the Basenji breed. This breed originates from Congo and can grow up to 17 inches with a life span of 14 to 16 years.
  • Dogs are the only animal in the world that can detect cancer and other diseases in humans. This quality is not inherited. They get trained for this. Extensive training is required to undergo the key quality. Cancer being the most disastrous pandemic till now as we all know. There is no perfect animal than a dog who can fulfill this task with such perfection.
  • We all have heard of haunted stories. Don’t we? The first animal in that haunted fantasy that clicks our mind is the wolf. But have we ever thought that the same animal can be the descendent of our best friend? It’s the dog whose are the direct descendants of wolves. Sounds amazing! Right?
  • Dogs being the most intelligent animals in our society. Their intelligence factor can be estimated from the fact that they are a smart two-year human child. That is the major reason why

children around this age entail a special bond with our family dog. They both speak the same language with equal 250 words and gestures.

  • The most powerful ranked designation in the world is being America’s president. But did you know that more than half of United States presidents have owned dogs? This though sounds ordinary but if you perceive from another angle, they often don’t get much time in leisure activities. But the popularity of dogs in the United States is estimated from this very interesting fact. I bet most of you don’t know about this fact.
  • The famous ship sinking in the world that is the titanic witnessed three dogs survive in his chamber. Two are the Pomeranians and one was the Pekingese. Margaret Bechstein Hays wrapped a Pomeranians in her blanket aboard lifeboat 7. On the other hand, Sun Yat-Sen: a Pekingese was taken by the couple while they were on lifeboat 3.
  • Dogs have wet noses that help them absorb scent chemicals. The inner lining of the dog’s nose contains a special gland producing mucus the helps keeping their nose moist. A thin layer of mucus layers clings to the nostrils which help in improving the dog’s ability to smell better. Smelling is one of the particular traits in every dog. The watery transparent fluid produced the mucus helps in cooling their nose better through evaporation.
  • Have you ever wondered why your canine friend curls up in the ball while they are asleep? It is an instinct to keep themselves warm and to protect their key organs when they are asleep.
  • Just like humans, even dogs get jealous. There was the study conducted by the University of California found that dogs exhibit jealous behavior when their owner interacts with other dogs. Then the dog does various kinds of unusual activities to grab its owner’s attention.
  • Have you ever wondered that even dogs too dreamlike humans? While you see your dog twitching or running in his sleep, that simply means that he is dreaming.
  • Dogs are pity good in reading our facial expressions. They don’t require us physically, in fact, they can tell about our expressions from our photo only.
  • The Labrador retriever is the most popular dog in United State. It is the medium-large breed with male typically weighs around 30 Kg with a life expectancy of around 10 to 12 years.
  • You must have seen people yawning when they see another person. That is called contagious yawning. But what if I tell you that dogs too yawn by seeing the human yawns. Yes, you guessed it right. Dogs’ empathy is shown from this varied fact that they yawn when the other man or woman yawning. According to a recent study, their chances of yawning increase when they see their owner.
  • Something that will amaze you that even dogs watch television like humans. Though, their visual system needs a higher refresh rate (number of images per second) to perceive smooth motion. But many recent experiments showed that since the advent of modern televisions having a higher refreshing rate, dogs can easily understand what is going on on tv.


Above are some of the interesting and fun facts about dogs which I guess none of you knew. Dogs being the most intelligent animal around, it is worth knowing the above details about them.

 Thank you for your time out here. If you liked it, then do share it with everyone and make our furry friend a pet at every home.

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