If My Child Gets a Cavity in Milk Teeth, Should It Still Be Filled?

Cavity in Milk Teeth

Teeth cavity is typically inevitable in kids. Too many candies, chocolates and sugary juices invite the bacteria to erode the teeth enamel, which results in cavities. Many parents have several questions related to the kids’ teeth cavity. 

Do their primary teeth cavities need to be filled? What happens if they do not proceed with teeth filling? 

Being the Alpharetta best kids dentist , we know that kids’ primary teeth fall after some time, and permanent teeth erupt out. But that doesn’t mean the primary teeth can be left untreated. As the filling is essential for permanent teeth, giving a cap or filling teeth cavity is equally important for primary teeth. 

Here, in this post, we’ll let you know about the kids’ cavities and why it is essential to treat them on time. So, let’s get started. 

Why do children need teeth filling?

Baby teeth in kids start at the age of six months. These primary teeth start falling when the permanent teeth start erupting. Likewise, permanent teeth, primary teeth are also at a greater risk of developing cavities. But parents assume that these are temporary teeth, and when they fall off or are replaced with permanent teeth, the problem will be gone. 

They think that primary teeth aren’t a big concern. However, that’s not true. If you didn’t treat these cavities on time and take your children to Alpharetta paediatric dentist, it might invite bacterial invasion, which may further attack permanent teeth.

Additionally, the plague formed near the gums can also cause serious dental problems for your kids. Hence, it is important to treat the kids’ teeth on time before it gets severe and cause issues such as: 

  • Untreated teeth cavities in kids can cause pain, irritation and discomfort 
  • Untreated cavities can lead to a dental problem and cause severe tooth infection 
  • Tooth cavities can also disturb the overall health of the kids 
  • Cavities formation also indicate that you don’t maintain the dental health of the kids 
  • Poor dental health can also affect permanent teeth. 

Teeth filling is helpful to prevent teeth from further decaying

Teeth cavities can be annoying and painful for the kids. So, a dentist will treat the cavities in kids with a simple procedure known as teeth filling and teeth capping. A filling helps to fix the cavities according to the size of cavities. Capping is also helpful to prevent teeth from decaying issues. 

Teeth filling

Kids teeth filling is made with composite resin and is usually coloured. The paediatric dentist will empty the cavity spot and fill it with the compositing filling. The entire procedure is pain-free, and the dentist first numbs the area before starting treatment so that kids don’t have any discomfort. 

Baby teeth filling is not permanent, and as soon as permanent teeth erupt; they will also fall. However, it gives temporary relief from the sensitivity and pain. 

Teeth capping

Teeth capping is also necessary to protect your baby teeth from developing multiple cavities within the same tooth and others. Moreover, the broken or the cracked tooth can also be repaired with capping. When you go to a children’s dentist near me, he/she usually creates a cap on the kids’ teeth to prevent the spreading of decay. Capping will further ensure that the other tooth remains unaffected and healthy. 

Dentists usually use the porcelain cap and stainless-steel cap to cover the decayed tooth. The porcelain caps are less durable than the stainless-steel cap but give relief from the decaying issues. 

Along with these preventive measures, parents need to change the kids’ diet and build healthy eating habits to avoid teeth cavity issues. In contrast, parents can take some preventive measures for their kids and stop developing cavity issues.

Tips to prevent kids’ teeth cavities

  • Follow the proper dental routine and make sure to take your kids to Alpharetta paediatric dentist at least once a month. 
  • Stop putting bottles into the baby’s mouth when they are sleeping 
  • Please do not give them sugary beverages and too many chocolates 
  • Clean the teeth of the infant by yourself to ensure proper cleaning 
  • Always use fluoride-based toothpaste to clean the baby’s teeth 

Bottom line

Teeth cavities in kids are a cause of concern because they may impact the permanent teeth and may even damage the gums. If your kid develops cavities at an early stage or in primary teeth, do not neglect it and go for filling or capping treatment at Alpharetta paediatric dentist. Along with this, try to maintain the oral health of the kids to avoid cavity issues.

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