5 Fun Ideas to Surprise Your Dad This Father’s Day

Surprise Your Dad

Any father shares a very peculiar bond with their children. As moms remain more close, fathers tend to be a disciplined, strict personality. He guides his children to the right path. Dads are often considered more strong with a very dominant way of living. It is assumed that he doesn’t get impressed easily but knows how to impress his near and dear ones. Some fathers are very friendly, some are cool, and some kids fear, But every father just wants good for their child. 

Fathers are those who protect their children from any evil. But kids get sporadic moments to thank their father. Father is their guiding light who always backs them even if they fail. Undoubtedly, kids learn significant life lessons from their parents. Kids learn especially from dad and his struggles. Father’s Day is just a few days away. It is the right moment for thanking your dad in the most peculiar way. Impressing him is difficult but reaching out to him and thanking him for his pure endeavors is not.

This father’s day, why don’t you plan some surprise that you can give your dad that he may not expect from you? Yes, if you know your dad very well, you know he doesn’t expect anything. He just gives out unconditional love and support to his children. Now you might need some ideas to astound your dad. So, here we go. Let’s go through some surprises that your dad may like…

1. Father’s Day Theme Cake

Dads usually do not even remember that it is fathers day. Their kids must be planning something for this special occasion. So, every unique occasion calls for peculiar cakes, unlike the standard ones. Your dad might get happy with an ordinary cake, but the father’s day theme cake will leave him in awe. Either bake a theme cake if you are a pro, or the best choice is always looking for those online portals that provide a unique cake range and deliver on time. So, this is one of the surprises you can add to the list.

2. Cook with Him

If your dad has chef qualities in him and is a big-time foodie, then plan a day when you get a chance to be his assistant while he cooks a delicious meal with you for the family. It will relax him and give him a good time with you, which will create a better understanding between you both. It explains a lot of dynamics you share with your dad and the kind of understanding also. Cooking will give him some memories worth cherishing for the future.

3. Do His Chores

For a day, plan something through which he gets a relaxing day over anything else. Fathers never reveal, but even if they get tired of daily chores and irritate them the most, they still keep doing it without complaining. So, for a day, take away all that work from him, from taking care of the garden to bringing something for the home, do all that he does sincerely. And ask him to relax for a day and see how proud he feels at that particular moment.

4. A Small Get-Together

Obviously, just the way you miss your friends, even he must be missing his friends or his cousins with whom he shares a very different bond. Without letting him know this day, this father’s day, plan a small get-together at home where you invite all his close friends and family. This will leave him in tears for sure because he somehow forgot how to have fun in this rat race life. So, you can incorporate this into your list as well.

5. Breakfast Surprise

Somedays, bed tea or coffee is loved by all. Not just bed tea, but you can plan a full breakfast that you will cook for father’s day, especially for him. Again, this would bring tears of joy seeing his children growing up so beautifully and understanding that his children are smart enough now to take some responsibilities. So, giving him an exquisite breakfast sounds like a nice plan.


There can be many more such surprises that you can plan or can have in the pipeline but do something nice for him. Even some words of affirmation would touch his heart because he is your father, and he just needs love and respect from his kids. So, Father’s day is not too far away. Start planning from now onwards. Arrange gifts as well. We hope our ideas help you in some way or the other.

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