How To Take Screenshot On ACER Laptop:

Screenshot On ACER Laptop:

If you want to learn about taking screenshots on Acer laptops of the Acer brand, pay attention here. The Snipping Tool is efficiently initiating in an Acer Laptop. Thus it is a unique capturing tool mainly provided by windows found in any version of Windows OS.

Here, not only does this tool help you to take a screenshot, but it also crops the screenshot taken to remove unwanted parts of the content that has been capturing. Still, if you wish to take advantage of this neat little application, you need to press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Hence, on the search box, type “SNIPPING TOOL.” The results will appear and click on the Snipping Tool application. Here, a window will pop app where a range of screenshot features will emerge from a Free-Form, Rectangular, Window, or Full-Screen snip, which will appear which the conventional Prntscr option for taking screenshots do not have.

Furthermore, the Snipping Tool has delayed response in which one can select an area to take a screenshot within one to five seconds. The snipping tool has a few advantages over a general screenshot option, such as scrolling screenshots, creating GIFs, and saving them to the library. Hope you have an idea how to screenshot on acer and also learn the article to know more about it. 

Active Window Screenshots

If you want to use a screenshot in a specific file, such as a Word document, you can initiate a command to capture an active window.

  • You should open a graphics app on your Acer laptop, then go to the screen you want to capture.
  • Now, press the Print Screen key to save the screenshot to your clipboard.
  • Then, you have to paste the image into your app to begin working with it.
  • Hence, you can save the file when you are finishing to keep your screenshot in your chosen folder.

Use a Screen Recorder:

Here, we have several apps and software options for your Acer laptop to capture the audio output and video displays.

  • Then, you can download your preferred app, such as Snagit.
  • Now, run the program based on the instructions provided, capturing the image on your screen.
  • Hence, you can save the screenshot into your editor or as a raw file.

The Final Verdict for capturing a screenshot on Acer laptop

Hence, taking a screenshot and sending it to another person like friends and colleagues is a prevalent habit in everyone’s life.

Therefore, in this article, we have listed various ways to capture the screenshot and edit the Acer laptop’s captured screen.

Some of the applications we have discussed in this article are paint applications, snipping tools, Snagit applications, etc., which help capture the screen in Acer computer systems or laptops.

Thus, let’s know in the comment section below which of the above steps helped you capture the screenshot while using the Acer computer system.

Take Acer Screenshot on Windows Laptops

Here, you can capture a screen on just any Windows PC, and grabbing a Screenshot on an Acer is no different. Therefore here are the methods that help you take a full-screen, partial, or scrolling screenshot on the Acer computer.

Print Screen + Windows Key:

Here, if you like to take a whole-screen snapshot, Acer indeed provides a hotkey, which is the PrintScreen button on its keyboard, and it may be abbreviating as “PrtScn,” “PrntScrn,” “Print Scr,” “Print Screen,” “Prt Scrn,” “Prt Sc” or “Pr Sc” on the keyboard.

Hence, to take a full-screen shot, just hit that key and Windows key simultaneously, then it will save the picture in this path: C:\Users\*your username*\Pictures\Screenshots.

Hence, the similar keyboard shortcuts:  “Windows key + Fn + PrtScn” or “Windows key + Ctrl + PrtScn”

Still, in most cases, you do not need to save the whole screen snapshot, or you want to capture one of your monitors. Also, some applications like OneDrive, Dropbox may take over the Print Screen button, which may cause the Print Screen button not to work correctly.


Here we are introducing some ways to take screenshots on Acer products. Thus it is clear that built-in tools can take screenshots quickly. However, if you wish to edit the screenshot when capturing it or capture more elements, the third-party device can be a better choice.

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