How To Organise a Baby Shower Party At Home?

Baby Shower Party

You and your wife are about to welcome your little bundle of joy. The excitement is hard to contain, and that’s understandable. The blessing of becoming new parents is greater than anything in the world. To share the news and happiness with others, you are planning to throw a baby shower party at home.

The enthusiasm is on high and you are getting nervous at the same time. Because you want everything to be perfect, we would like to help you out. We will share how you can plan and the steps involved with some choices and suggestions.

Choose Home as Venue: Keeping in mind the COVID- 19 scenario, we would advise you to go for an intimate baby shower party. Invite your family members and close friends only to bless you and your baby. For a small gathering, home would be the perfect place. You can organise it in the hall room, terrace, backyard, or any spacious area of your house. Take all the precautions like mandatory negative test reports, social distancing, wearing of masks. Safety of mother and child is important.
Decide on Food Menu: Keep your food menu light because it’s summer. During the hot weather, people do not like to eat oily or heavy food as it further makes them feel very hot and humid. Keep the snacks light and have a continuous supply of refreshing drinks and water. Keep your guests hydrated. Have a variety of food and also go for a main course meal to keep them full.
Experiment with cutlery and crockery
Get the food decorated and designed as per the theme
Label The food creatively
Ensure hygienic practices
Pregnant woman is not allowed certain foods, have food that she can have
Food and Drinks Ideas

Tropical punch
Ice Tea
Seasonal favourites
Bacon wrapped dates
Veggie Sushi
Cheese Plate
Spring Roll
Dessert: We are sure you have thought you will order cake online in Ghaziabad for the baby shower party. Order from the bakery providing contactless delivery and taking all the safety precautions. Secondly, only a baby shower theme cake won’t be enough. Serve other mini desserts in between like
cake pops
Chocolate covered strawberries
Fruit skewers
Trifle pudding
Chocolate fondue fountain
Games: Mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be deserve to have fun along with the guests. Plan some exciting activities and games for the party revellers. It should be according to the theme and designed around baby shower ideas.
Guess the Song: Play 5 -10 sec of songs having baby or babe in it and tell them to guess the song
Nursery rhyme trivia: Give hints and mom-to-be and guests have to guess the rhyme
Who Knows Mommy Best: Write down a few questions about mommy and guests have to give correct answers
What’s In Your Purse: Write down a list of things and search people’s purse to find the maximum things
Decoration: You can decorate the house or get it decorated from outside. Plan a theme. By theme we mean summer floral theme, pink and blue theme. You can browse the internet as well for trending baby shower decorations or themes
The classic balloon decoration
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme
Lush and luxurious baby theme
Starry Cloud Theme
These were the quintessential things you need to plan to throw a perfect baby shower party. In addition to it, give favours to your guests to appreciate their honour. Have props for beautiful pictures or get a backdrop created to click pictures.

So now comes the time that you will be enjoying to the fullest with joys all around and people coming and visiting your place like anything but in happiness dont forget to adhere to the government guidelines because the situation outside is so breath taking the situation during the second wave was under control but in this second wave the people near us have lost their loved ones we have heard bad news every single day so to deal with all these things dont gather unnecessarily in these baby showers and try to avoid the crowd as much as you can and try to follow all the guidelines that have been disclosed by the government to deal with this corona crisis this will be beneficial for all of us.

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