How To Choose Vanilla Perfume: Perfumer’s Tips

Choose Vanilla Perfume

Modern perfume shops resemble supermarkets: a huge selection, a mixture of aromas in the air. It is difficult to stop at one thing. But perfumers have brought out several rules, following which, you can minimize the error when choosing your fragrance.

  • It is better to go for a purchase “on a fresh nose”. Translated from perfume slang, this means: without putting perfume on yourself, and when the sense of smell is not overloaded, for example, in the morning.
  • The best time to choose perfumes is during daylight hours. Then the brain is easier to distinguish flavors.
  • There is no need to focus on the marketing legends of fragrances, nor on their gender identity. It is important to trust your sense of smell.
  • You can listen to several smells at a time, apply the three most liked ones to a blotter (a special strip of paper), and apply only one that you like the most to your wrist.
  • The fragrance can not be “customized”: rub it so that it opens faster. The alcohol should evaporate naturally, and for this it is necessary that the alcohol stain formed from spraying disappears. Only then you can listen to the aroma and distinguish, in addition to alcohol, its other notes.
  • After that, you should not move to the checkout, but to the exit: the fragrance should “sit” on the skin and open up. This will not happen before 20 minutes
  • In ideal conditions (which do not include, for example, hasty purchases during travel), the fragrance should be applied to the usual places: the neck, clothes or collarbones, and walk with it all day. So it will be possible to understand what its density, stability and diffusion (plume)is: it happens that the aromas sound “quiet”, but at the same time they last for hours, and there are “loud” aromas that disappear instantly. Fitting allows you to understand what type of fragrance belongs to, and whether its properties are suitable for the person who buys it.

If you decide to choose a perfume for yourself, do not rush with the purchase. Now there is a large selection of good flavors in stores, but you should not grab the first one that comes along. After all, over time, this smell will begin to be associated with you. It should be remembered and be expressive. So it is better to take seriously the choice of perfume. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect one.

  1. Fragrance notes
    If you are not planning to become a perfumer, it is enough for you to know two things. First, the fragrance has three stages of disclosure: initial, middle and base notes. The initial ones open first and quickly evaporate. The middle ones are most often floral. Thanks to them, the extreme notes are combined more harmoniously. The base notes are felt stronger than the others and evaporate longer. It depends on them how persistent the train of your perfume will be. Secondly, the time of year affects the sound of the fragrance. In winter, the smell of perfume becomes brighter and stronger.
  2. Fragrance families
    You should decide from which family of flavors you will choose your own. If you want a certain smell for each season, it is better to give preference to heavier oriental and woody in the cold period, and floral, fresh and citrus – in the warm period.

You can also use the same perfume throughout the year. But you should know which season it is more suitable for in order to understand when the fragrance should be replaced with a more appropriate one. For example, if you use a heavy fragrance, it is better to choose something fresher and lighter for a pool party. It is not necessary that this is an expensive and exclusive perfume. It is important that it matches the situation.

  1. Ask your friends
    Now that you have figured out the theory, ask your delicious-smelling friends what they use and why.

Perhaps they will say that after trying a lot of fragrances, they have found their own, because people constantly ask what perfume they use. Or they will advise you a store with a good consultant who will help you decide on the choice. And it’s okay if you have the same perfume as your friend. Only if you don’t work together and don’t see each other every day.

  1. Classic flavors
    You can also search for your fragrance among the classic perfumes. Believe me, you will have a lot to choose from. Just go to the store and ask which flavors are the most popular. Most likely, Bleu de Chanel or Dior Sauvage will seem familiar to you.

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