How To Cancel A Subscription By Phone?

Cancel A Subscription By Phone

Today, there are many premium applications available for the phone device. Earlier, users could perform only a few jobs with the phone. But now, you can use the phone for various advanced jobs. Users can easily install these programs from the Play Store or App Store. You can purchase the subscription directly from the store and use the application. The user can make changes to the subscription from the Play store. You don’t have to visit the program’s website to renew or cancel the subscription.

Cancelling a subscription on an Android device

Android is a safe and very reliable operating system. Users don’t have to search for the program on the web. Whenever he needs a program; he can directly search it on the Play Store. If available, install it on the system. In case, the app is not available then you can’t install it. The user has to change the default settings for installing that program. You can cancel the subscription of your programs from the play store.

  1. Open the Android phone
  2. Click on the Play Store app
  3. Hit on the Profile icon
  4. Choose Subscriptions and Payments
  5. Tap on Subscriptions
  6. Users will get all the subscribed programs
  7. Select the program
  8. Scroll down to the last and you will get a cancel button
  9. Tap on the McAfee phone number cancel subscription button and a confirmation window will appear

Select the Yes button and the subscription to your program will get cancelled. You can use the Play store to cancel the subscription of those programs which you have installed from the store.

Cancelling the subscription on App Store

For iOS users, they can install and subscribe to the apps which are available on the app store. He can install the application using his Apple ID. When he wants to cancel the subscription; he can use the app store.

  1. Go to your device and open App Store
  2. Check the Profile image and tap on it
  3. Hit on the subscription icon
  4. Users will find all the subscribed programs
  5. Select the application and tap on the Cancel subscription button
  6. Hit on the Confirm button and the subscription of your program will get cancelled. 

The multi-licensed subscription on the phone device

Users can get a subscription to an application from the play store. But there are also multi-licensed applications available. When you purchase a multi-licensed subscription, users can use one subscription on various devices. People install the same program on PC and phone using one subscription. On a phone device, you can use the same license but you still need to get the setup. The user has to install that setup from the Play Store. Install the application and open it. You will see the Activate screen. Now the user has to get the activation key. Go to your primary device and open the program’s account. Tap on the install program on another device option; it will ask for the OS type. Select Android and type the email address which is opened on your phone. Hit the confirm button and go to the phone to check the email for the key. Copy the key from the email and open the application. Enter the key and then press the Confirm button. Now the user can access the premium tools of the application. Indeed you have installed the setup from the store but you can’t cancel the multi-licensed from there. Users can only make changes on multi-licensed subscriptions from the primary account. 

Renewing the subscription on the phone

The premium programs provide the subscription for a certain time. After subscription expiry; the user can only access the free tools. If you want to reuse the premium tools then you can renew your subscription. 

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Select the Profile page 
  3. Choose the Payments & Subscriptions window
  4. Tap on Subscriptions and select your program
  5. Choose Renew button next to the Expired status

You will see the application renewal plans. Select a plan for your phone and choose the Buy Now button. Enter your details and purchase the renewal plan for the application. After the renewal, you can again use those tools. Users can also check for auto-renewal if they want to prevent license expiry. Check your program for auto-renewal and enable it. Use the application reliably on your phone device. 

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