How The Inclusion of Cyber-Security Measures Creates The Complete Picture of a BCP

Cyber-Security Measures

Everything regarding a business is interrelated to one another at every given period of time, be it a business continuity plan, a disaster recovery strategy, or a cyber-attack assessment and mitigation plan. The main reason why most organisations in the world have feelings in accepting their negligence in this matter is there fact that none of dot consultancy organisations across the industries are focusing on showing the relationship between all these important factions.

a business continuity plan for example it’s always seen as the capability of an organisation in delivering their services each of their clients in the specific order and within the stipulated time even after they have witnessed an unfavourable situation. If there is a zero-day vulnerability within the organisational structure, even the top-level management of the business will fail to understand the exact strategies that they have to undertake for doing so let alone creating an effective business continuity plan.

This is why it is important to gather enough information about the criticality of overlooking cyber security measures and instances where they can be improved for the betterment of the company.

But before we get into that, we should get a reality cheque bout that deteriorated condition of the global market when it comes to dealing with cyber security issues.


According to the recently published articles on various sources, the current situation of the cyber security sector has deteriorated and is continuing to do so at an exponential rate with the passage of each year.

The impact has grown to such a level that the technological llama rate Microsoft is standing a total of 762 will not abilities according to a 2020 mid-year report.

This goes on to show that not only the small and medium scale organisations but also the largescale farms are facing similar difficulties. The only difference is the overall impact that eat cyber-attack entails.

The GDPR and privacy services consultancy firms in London can also be viewed as one of the most do I should factions of this overall situation.

If only the articles are to be trusted while depicting the current situation then it is safe to add that the United Kingdom has always been the breeding ground for ideal cyber security consultancy services around the world.

The British Airways has witnessed a whooping fine for violating the GDPR regulations in the year 2018 when the UK was a part of the EU.

After evaluating thoroughly, the ICO found out that the British Airways was processing a large amount of personal data of their customers without protecting their system adequately. this led them to get exposed do a cyber-attack that impacted 429,612 customers.

Define was of about £20 million, but the damage to their reputation was incomprehensible.


Each cyber security breach is can you please understand that every company who has been a victim has neglected the incorporation of cyber security measures in their business continuity plan.

Everybody in the global market knows that reputation add stronghold in the industry is dependent on the resilience that they had to their structure. Making sound measures to protect the network infrastructure that governs every digital activity of the organisation is one of the most integral parts because it protects the privacy of all the customers and employees of the company.

There are some cyber security consultancy firms in the UK itself that Excel in providing knowledge about this very correlation of business continuity plan and cyber security efforts. And it is because of these companies that mini business entities have gotten the best cyber security services.

One of the most influential firms is Assured GRC. it has showcased how important it is for every consultant to understand the very need of company when they approach their services.

Hiring a consultant has always been a situation of uncertainty for most of the companies around all the industries because they simply do not trust the efficacy of most of the consulting services in this niche.

But companies like Assured GRC have successfully restore the trust that every company should have on the experts in this matter.

So, if there is any organisation in the expanse of the global market, they can always cheque out Assured GRC for all their consultancy needs because they will add to the successfully execution of search up business continuity plan that includes all the important aspects better needed to be considered beforehand.

They not only fulfilled the gap left by most consultancy firms around the world but also come up as the most approachable options as far as cyber security services are concerned.

In a nutshell, where there is the importance of a cyber security consultancy firm, there is the need of an initiation in the right direction by every service seeking company around the world, so that these cyber-attacks can be mitigated.

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