How Loss Leader Pricing Strategy Helpful For Business?

 Loss Leader Pricing Strategy

High rivalry has made it difficult for organizations to maintain and flourish on the lookout for long. Other than advertising techniques, organizations today create different ruthless pricing procedures to draw in more clients and increment deals.

Now and again, such pricing techniques can turn out to be forceful to the point that the organizations even value their products beneath the expense cost to get more clients. Yet, even this methodology, if appropriately executed, regularly brings about benefits to such organizations.

It’s the loss leader pricing technique, and large brands like Walmart, Amazon, McDonald’s, and so forth broadly use it to assemble their realms. Yet, what is a loss leader and how can it end up being beneficial?

What Is Loss leader pricing strategy?

A loss leader or loss leader pricing strategy is a pricing system where a business offers a contribution at a loss to bait more clients and sell them extra beneficial contributions.

Take the case of a supermarket to comprehend this system better. To build the footfall, the storekeeper valued fundamentals like milk and meat at a lower cost and showcased it all over. In any case, he set these products at the rear of the store that constrained clients to plan the whole store just to buy fundamental merchandise.

It is normal that, en route, the client may get a couple of more items. These extra buys conceal the losses made on fundamental products and help to expand the general deals.

Why Is Loss Leader Pricing used by businesses?

Loss leader pricing is normally used to:

Draw in more clients: Lower cost is a ruthless technique to pull in new clients to the brand or business.

Limit losses: Businesses utilize this technique to sell their transient merchandise, elegant products, and different products that may lose their worth after a specific time span. This technique assists such organizations with limiting the loss they would have brought about if the merchandise went unsold.

This methodology is alluded to as an entrance pricing system when used to draw in clients to another business or another contribution.

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Qualities Of Loss Leader Pricing

The principle attributes of the this technique are:

  • The item set up as a loss leader is constantly estimated underneath or equivalent to the item’s real expense, leaving no edge for benefits.
  • The items sold as loss leaders are typically kept in restricted numbers to deter the clients from purchasing the items in enormous amounts.
  • This pricing procedure is constantly utilized for items that have a setup request. This structures a forced procedure that pulls the client to the item making ready for other push methodologies like upselling and strategically pitching.

Benefits and Disadvantages Of Loss Leader Strategy

The loss leader methodology accompanies its own arrangement of benefits and burdens.


  • The fundamental benefits of loss leader pricing are:
  • Enter New Markets Easily: In the underlying long stretches of working a business, it is hard to get new clients as they are consistently suspicious when evaluating new items. For this situation, loss leader systems are utilized to make individuals purchase and evaluate new items.
  • Fabricates a Customer Base: By selling items at a low value, a business draws in more clients and extends its client base.
  • Expansion in Sales: Loss leader is a cunning methodology where the item, sold at a loss, is only a way to build the traffic of clients and make them buy extra items, subsequently, expanding the general deals and making up for the loss made on the less expensive items.


The significant deficiencies of this pricing procedure are:

  • Hazard of Loss: There is a very decent possibility that the procedure will not work. All things considered, the number of clients and net revenues won’t increment.
  • Carefully choosing: Cherry-pickers are those clients who exclusively buy loss leaders. They don’t buy any extra items, subsequently nullifying the general purpose of executing loss leader pricing techniques.
  • Negative Quality Perception: If the item’s cost is too low, the client may expect the item to be of low quality. This will hurt the brand picture, and the system won’t work.
  • Lawful Implications: In numerous US expresses, the utilization of the loss leader methodology is illegal as it is viewed as ruthless.

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