How Do You Approach A Guest posting

Guest posting

If you are a regular reader of the blogs of your industry, then you must have noticed the same active bloggers in the field. You might have come across multiple posts of themes on various blogs. Try posting on the blog. This will give you the advantage of introducing yourself to the active participant’s group. If you personally know the same active guest blogger then he can introduce you to various blogs from where you can have a kick start your work. In the last post, we have discussed the role of Guest posting service in digital marketing. But for most of us, the question remains how to move ahead with guest blogging in order to get the best possible results. Key in your related keywords to get the right match. At first instance, you may feel that the results are not relevant to try switching the keywords for the purpose. Search around guest posting relevant to your industry keywords. Like you are a florist then you need to find to post related to decor gift ideas and so on. You can also look for a guideline for posting guest blogging. This will lead to various posts open for guest posting and the post that are open for the same. Explore your competitor’s backlinks through your SEO. you may find backlinks used by your competitors. Again you can google search the competitor’s report of guest posting to check the relevant sites where you can also value add. There are multiple sites available that can assists you in looking for the competitor’s report.

Sign up for the Guest post community:-

 You can also search around social media, a lot of posts are available on social media. This can be a reliable source to get the desired information. You can even sign up the community of guest posting stating that you are open the guest posting. There is the chance that the blog owner will directly get in touch with the community for availing your service. This may take some time as first you need to set up your base in the market and present yourself as an expert in the field. 

Guest posting is actually a good way of presenting yourself in the market. Just a careful workaround on the same is needed. The right approach will definitely fetch positive results that can you are. 

Make a checklist for the guest post:-

In the first stage, you to look for the opportunity areas that fit into your requirements. In order to finalize the requirement prepare the checklist which must include.

  1. Your industry
  2. Kind your people interested in your industry
  3. Where you content the relevant in the industry
  4. Have people who are interested in the industry
  5. Have an anti-social media announcement                              

     There is no point in putting all those efforts and time into creating content that doesn’t reach the right audience. If you really want a decent or high return on investment, you should consider a writing distribution system to ensure that your blog gets organic traffic.

In today’s competitive world, it has become pretty challenging for businesses to reach their target audience. Internet is already flooded with a lot of content. You need to provide something different and exciting to the users in order to get their attention. To put in the simplest terms, content distribution is the technique of circulating your content to the target audience. Before we discuss how you can achieve content distribution on a limited budget, let’s have a look at the three popular forms of the writing distribution system.

Owned Content Distribution – It is the simplest and cheapest form of content distribution, in which, the companies publicize their blog through the networking sites they own. For example, they can distribute their content through their social media accounts, Google+ account, email, newsletter, microsite, blogs, and any other channels.

Earned Content Distribution – You earn when your blog is distributed by a third-party via guest posts, press coverage, social media shares, and product reviews.

Paid Content Distribution – As the name implies, paid content distribution is the system where the website owners or companies pay a certain fee to the authority platforms for sharing their content. Basically, the paid distribution comes in different categories, but the most common is the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) approach. In this system, you provide your content to some paid advertising platforms and pay a certain fee to these platforms every time your ad gets a click.

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