It’s Time For A Change: 8 Types of Home Extensions For Small Houses

Home Extensions For Small Houses

Tired of your home decor in a small space? Maybe it’s time for a change! When changing your house, it doesn’t mean that you should go for big decisions like moving or tearing down the entire house. Instead, you should get what most people would choose— home extensions.

Home extensions, in a small space or one-storey house, is a great idea because you could always go for the customised or ready-made which depends on what you need. It’ll be a comfortable change for you because you’ll be able to control the changes that you want.

Before you look for experts who can help you in achieving your goal, you should check these different types of extensions first to give you more idea about what you’re going to face.

1. Micro extension

Small space needs a small change. So if you’re not ready to take it to the next level, how about just tiny steps? For starters, you can just take down a wall that’s separating two rooms in your house like the living room and the dining area. You can also add improvements to your windows, add some furniture, or improve floor plans.

Moreover, if you choose to have minimal home extensions, you’ll be able to decorate your house seamlessly. 

2. Skylights

Make your home look wider and brighter using natural light. You can install glass ceilings because it’s the best way to improve the layout of your house and lessen the cost of electricity.

Most skylights are installed in the bedroom or the kitchen ceiling because they tend to be the darker part of the house.


3. Box-type

Box-type home extensions are usually ready-made. The experts will just have to install them and make some finishing designs. However, they are also box-type extensions that can be customised depending on what you need.

If you have a loft kind of house and the high ceiling is bothering you, use this kind of extension to have another room. You can add stairs directly to the room extension to create a fancier vibe.

4. Glasses

Normally, glasses are used to create an illusion that the outside and inside of the house are connected seamlessly. Like the skylights, glass walls can also make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

If you like, you can install skylights and glass walls together to create a more seamless and attractive change in your kitchen. Plus, the outside (like your garden) can be easily appreciated even from the inside of the house.


5. Rear 

Have some extra space in the back of your house that you can’t use? Transform it into a space for relaxation like the patio area of a barbeque space. It’s a space that not only will connect the outdoor and indoor, but will also occupy the unused space you’ve been wanting to utilise.

6. Side

Side extensions are very popular because you have the liberty to design them with different angles and curves. Of course, if you believe in Feng Shui, think about the changes you’ll make to maintain the positive vibes in your house. Don’t forget to match the existing design of your house with the side extensions so that it will not look awkward from the outside.

Widening the house is the main goal of having side extensions so it’s better if you also add some furniture or decorations. 

side extension

7. Tech-savvy

If you’re tech-savvy, why not have a room that reflects what you are? When you extend your home, make the extension filled with techy stuff. First, you can add some lights that can be controlled by your mobile phone or the sensor-sensitive ones. Second, you can also install sockets that are compatible with USB cords. 

8. Another floor

Maximise the capacity of your house by adding another floor. It’s advisable especially for those who do not have extra spaces outdoors but also need more space.

Moreover, if you add another floor, you can control the space you’ll use for the extension. It doesn’t have to be a full floor because you can always opt for a half-floor just what is usually done in lofts.

another floor

Now that you know what are the basic types of home extensions that you can choose for your home, it’ll be easier to plan what to do. You’ll just have to contact home extension specialists to help you build the dream house you’ve been longing for. Don’t forget to share with us which one is your favourite by commenting below!

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