Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Why Is It So Important?

A growing number of people are installing engineered hardwood flooring in their homes. Hardwood flooring has a number of advantages that make it preferable to other types of hardwood flooring such as laminates and other engineered flooring solutions.


In addition, the installation of engineered hardwood flooring in NZ provides an opportunity to design the room that you want. However, in New Zealand, hardwood flooring is not readily available and when it is available it is quite expensive.

Engineered hardwood flooring NZ

Why engineered hardwood flooring, New Zealand is more expensive?

There are several reasons why hardwood flooring in New Zealand is more expensive than it would be in the USA.

First thing is that hardwood flooring in New Zealand is much heavier. The larger pieces need to be placed in larger rooms and so the weight of the floor mixes with the weight of the whole room. It is this combination of heavy solid wood and large wooden beams that is responsible for making hardwood flooring New Zealand so costly. Refinishing this type of flooring is therefore much more expensive than it would be backing home.

Along with being much more costly, engineered hardwood flooring New Zealand is also much less resistant to damage than its US alternative. It is true that the grain of the wood flooring will add character to the room when it is in use but many homeowners can testify that once a layer of dust or grime has built up on the flooring then simply sweeping it off can be extremely difficult. Unlike the traditional methods of sanding and refinishing sandblasting the grain of the wood flooring is left intact and will allow the wood floor to be swept away clean without causing too much damage to the timber.

Engineered hardwood flooring NZ

Uses of engineered hardwood flooring New Zealand

One of the other main uses of hardwood flooring in New Zealand is to be used on stairs and ladders. These floors have a tendency to be much more slippery when wet due to the small gaps between the planks and the actual surface of the hardwood flooring. However, when the floors are swept to remove the dirt then they can prove to be very stable and safe for use on stairs. Again, this makes hardwood floors a popular choice for use on ladders in both domestic and commercial properties.

Because of their durability and strength hardwood flooring is in great demand in the construction industry. They are used in prefabricated construction and in many homes that are not intended as permanent homes. The strength of the flooring and the way it resists damage are ideal for prefabricated building. Also, new homes often have hardwood floors installed over concrete slabs as a way of saving on the cost of building the house. Many times, the floors will be laid before the concrete is poured, which makes the flooring highly resistant to damage.

Engineered hardwood flooring NZ

Hardwood flooring refinishing: Professionally or Unprofessionally?

Homeowners that want a more traditional look can choose to have hardwood flooring refinished in their own home. There are many different methods of floor refinishing in New Zealand to choose from. In some cases homeowners will choose to have the floors refinish hardwood floors in their own home rather than having them installed by a professional refinishing company. This is often seen with old country homes that are decorated in a more rustic fashion and with home plans that have a period design to them.
Many homeowners prefer to have hardwood floors refinished professionally rather than doing it themselves because they feel as though they are less experienced when it comes to hardwood flooring refinishing. A professional refinisher will know exactly how much material needs to be used in order to achieve the specific effects that you want to achieve. You will also find that professionals will have the proper tools for the job such as floor strippers and an ultraviolet lamp in order to get the best color results and to make sure that the floor is sealed properly. They are better equipped to finish the floor in a timely manner.
If you want your hardwood floors refinished but have no contact then, you may visit various online platforms such as powerdekorfloors.co.nz. These flooring websites are designed to help even the most inexperienced people get the best hardwood floors possible in their home.

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