A Guide to What is Leather Duster and Which One to Buy

Guide to Leather Duster

Leather is among the highest quality fabrics you can acquire when it comes to clothing. It has an incomparable appearance that immediately catches the eye and creates a fashion statement. Leather jackets are coveted by everyone regardless of age or gender. The material has a huge demand and is crafted into all kinds of clothing items and accessories. Not only that, it is also a fabric that has rich and long history associated with it.

Leather dusters are one type of leather outer wear that have such a classic look making it hard to resist. For fans of Western movies this would be a familiar garment. But if you are not one, then here is brief background of leather dusters and what makes them so special.

What does a leather duster look like?

In general, a leather duster is a full-length coat which is loosely fitted. It may look heavy but is actually quite lightweight and easy to wear. Dusters were originally tailored to provide a protective and comfortable outer wear.

The history behind leather dusters

The origin of dusters goes right back to the late eighteenth century when they were made from canvas. People wore them while riding on horseback to keep the trail dust away from their clothes. They often had a buttoned slit in the rear and built-in leg straps to keep the flaps in place. This kept the dusters halfway open to allow easy motion while riding.

As these early versions were also made from linen, it was extremely light and was vulnerable to water. Therefore, they did not offer proper protection against the mud or damp. This brought about an evolution in the designing of dusters and they began to be manufactured from other materials. Around that period, they also elevated to become the official wear of Texas Rangers.

Dusters did not emerge on the reel until Sergio Leone featured them in his popular Wild West films. The rage caught on and they become the choice apparel for many lead characters of movies there onwards. And through the years it became the identity of iconic heroes like Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus in The Matrix. Thus, leather dusters became one of the most desirable items for people to add in their wardrobe.

The difference between a leather coat and leather duster

People most often confuse leather trench coats which are also long length with leather dusters. But in fact, there are several differences between these two pieces. The trench coats were worn initially as military jacket by soldiers in World War I. The basic purpose of dusters is to provide protection and comfort. But trench coats were specifically made for war. This causes for a lot of different changes in the basic structures of the two coats.

There aren’t any lapels attached with dusters. This allows the wearer to close them up to the neck area so that no dust can get in. While trench coats do sport collar lapels. Dusters also have a flap on the shoulders to provide maximum protection against the rain. As mentioned before dusters have high slits to offer the wearer more room to move. On the other hand, trench coats have slits that are only open as high as the knee area.

The fit of both jackets is also entirely different. Trench coats are especially designed to have a tighter fit, particularly in the waist. They often have belts to tie the coat closer to the body. While dusters have always had a loose and open style. As horse riding is not so common now, dusters are now well-suited for motor bike riding.

Why does a leather duster make a good fashion choice?

It must be apparent by now that leather dusters are designed with comfort in mind. They have stayed in fashion solidly through the years and always make a comeback in every era. Dusters are also perfect for keeping the chill winds away in the harsh weather. Therefore, basically all the qualities of an ideal apparel are checked off when it comes to leather dusters. They look amazing and provide you warmth and comfort while being easy to move around in.

How to choose a leather duster suitable for you?

Some careful thinking is needed when you set out to choose a leather duster for your collection. It is important to pick a type of leather that is right for your lifestyle and personality. Most often dusters are manufactured from light weight leather. Sheepskin and lambskin are good options.

Another important factor is choosing a duster that fits you perfectly. Although they are loose fitting, this style must properly fit you around the shoulders. Pick the duster in a color that can be worn with the outfits you own. Examine the lining carefully when purchasing a duster. Low quality synthetic lining will soon come apart from regular use. It does not provide enough ventilation as well making the coat uncomfortable.

Custom made options in leather dusters

It is always the wisest choice to go for a leather duster that is customized to your liking. Finding the right fit is difficult, but a create your own leather jacket service can solve this problem. You will not need to make compromises in color or design to have a coat made for your stature.

Final word

Leather dusters have a classy aura which is blended with undertones of futuristic fashion. You can style it in various ways to channel the look you want. But make sure to take good care of your coat so it lasts long.

Leather is naturally durable, but it does need some help along the way. Over time it gains cracks and bumps as it is affected by the climate. Make use of products like a leather protector to make your duster waterproof. Store it in a dry and well aired place and dry it quickly if it ever gets wet. If you follow these few tips, a leather duster will be your faithful companion for years to come.

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