Google Adsense Blocked Ad Serving On My Blog and How I Fix It

Hi readers, After a post about On page and off page seo, here’s another post about the AdSense ad serving. As you know that Google AdSense is only the network which pays high rates to their users instead of other networks like Chitika, Infolinks etc. Now, I am coming too the main aim of this post. AdSense is very strict to their policies. You can read their TOS here.They will never forgive you if you fraud them.

There are a lot of Advertisers which advertise their business through Google AdWords. And without publishers AdSense is incomplete. When there will publishers, than the advertiser ads will be shown on publisher’s sites. AdSense is very strict to their policies. They don’t want to upset their advertisers by fake clicks or other reasons. You can read the main AdSense policies in my blog post.

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AdSense only approves those sites which have unique content, average traffic, good design etc. And Google will never allow their ad serving on those sites which have copyright material or some other reasons. I think every adsense user knows about this quote by Adsense team “Google Adsense Serving is blocked To Your Site For Policy Violation” Suppose you have a approved AdSense account and the blog on which ad serving is enable and ads are showing.

If that blog contain some copyright content, hacking/cracking or adult pics or keywords than Adsense will soon detect and will give you a warning message that they have found policy violation from your blog. We have disable Ad serving on your blog/web. It will be a warning message for you. If you will not do take action on it than they will ban you account without any hesitation and your all hard work will waste in water. So respect AdSense and their strict TOS. You can check Your site if it is banned by Google Adsense or not from this site.

Why ads are blocking on a blog/site:

There are different reasons for this. Google Adsense is very strict to their policies as i explained earlier in the post. Violation of their policies leads to the banning of account or warning message to you. Below are the different main reasons on which Adsense ban ad serving on specific sites.

  • Copyright Material.
  • Adult Content.
    Hidden URLs.
  • Receiving of Traffic on a site which is new from other site.
  • Hacking/Cracking Content.
  • My Story About Ad Serving Blocked On My Blog

It was the midnight when I saw there mail that we have disable Ad serving in your blog. We have detected Copyright material on your blog. More you can understand from below pic. I was in great shock when I saw that mail. I was completly in full rage against AdSense. At that time I want to do a war against AdSense. Because I was earning a fair money from my blog. And that blog was receiving a massive amount of traffic from different search engines especially Google. That one mail destroyed me. But after some time I cooled down, realized and accepted my mistake. I searched so much on their blog how to fix it. And finally I did some steps to fix this Ad serving problem. Below is the screenshot of the mail which adsense team sent to me for the policy violation of copyright material

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How I Fix AdSense Ad Serving Problem:

Google AdSense is one the popular network around the globe about making a huge amount of money. And they also have to maintain their reputation. So, they view sites with interval of about 3 to 4 days. And if they found any Policy Violation. They warned their users and block Ad Serving on their blog. Now it’s time to fix this problem. They will not renable Ad serving on sites. Some time they take full and final decision. But you can try to renable Ad serving on your site.

Steps to Fix Adsense Ad Serving Problem

  1. First of all, Delete that post on which ad serving is disabled. Also do some changes to other posts which you found as copyright. You can use plagiarism checker to check whether your Posts are unique are not.
  2. Go to Policy Violation Appeal Forum.
    Don’t forget your issue code that they sent you in your mail.

policy violation appeal

  1. Give your Name, URL, Issue Code, Publisher ID and email.
  2. Now fill a strong message in the message box. You can use the following words.

Hi, AdSense TeamHope you all are fine. I recently received a mail of you about Policy Violation of copyrighted material. I deleted that Post on which you found policy violation. In Future, I will be more careful. I will not do such a mistake. I will be Very thankful to you if you forgive me for such violation.Thank You.

After 2 to 3 days. They will send you the result of your sent appeal forum in your Gmail account.

Note: Don’t remove the ads from your site before they sent you any mail.

Result After Appealing of Policy Violation to Re-initate Ad Serving On my Blog:
In case of me, Adsense took pity on me. And re-initiated Ad serving on my blog. Below is the screen shot which Adsense team sent to me After my appealing.

As i said above that they will not always re-initiate your account. Some times they take full and final decisions But some times they re-initiate the ad serving on your blog. Now it depends on your luck.

If they reject your application every time than you have take some specific Steps:

  1. Change your Blog/Domain name. (But it will affect your traffic)
  2. Edit all posts and make them unique and than re apply for the appeal. The conclusion for the above post is that Google Adsense is very strict to their policies. Every one who is using this network must respect their policies. If any body frauds with them, than he will never be successful in making a long relation with adsense. They will block ad serving on your site or even ban your account. So always respect Adsense and their policies. I hope you like my this post. If you have any problem about this. Than, i’ll feel glad to see your comment below.

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