Get A Costa Rica Style Architecture For Your Home

Costa Rica Style

Originally, tropical architecture was developed to provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing approach to construction and design. Best known for its excellent match in tropical areas, and how it helps to regulate internal temperatures, tropical architecture is the go-to choice for new buildings, hotels, resorts, airports and any structures for other regions located around the tropics line. But this is not your father’s tropical architecture – there are a number of modern design features that have become popular choices in tropical house plans.

Important factors to focus on the architecture

Air ventilation

For this reason, the most popular tropical house plans feature open or large windows that allow fresh air to enter and circulate. In many cases, there are also skylights that can be opened during the day to let cooled and moist air to escape, but at night they can be closed to keep the interiors cooler. This type of design is particularly popular in coastal areas, because it allows the rain and winds to blow straight through the house and into the air, providing some relief from the heat and humidity.

Proper flooring

Other important tropical architecture design guidelines include proper flooring, with the focus being on hard surfaces that can withstand the effects of climate. As with any other type of building design, choosing the right materials is key to long-term durability and functionality. Most tropical house plans employ wood as the primary building material, often with carefully-crafted timbers harvested from sustainable sources. Some timber used may be imported from tropical countries where the trees are naturally growing, although the majority of timber used is local, sustainable teak or other wood species.

Make sure natural light is entering your doors and windows

Tropical house plans often take advantage of natural light by including large windows and doors with large glass doors, or by including skylights, which provide the benefits of natural ventilation. These design elements are common in homes built in more tropical climates; however, an architect might consider using other types of natural light in interior spaces. For example, rather than using heavy curtains to block the sun, tropical architecture can include large plant vases filled with flowers, herbs and ornaments, to create an ambiance of rich, tropical colors. In addition, certain tropical house plans feature large stone-carved sculptures in the form of gravestones, or the construction of large temples and mosques, both of which can be cooled by running water and incorporate design features such as running water pipes and waterfalls. Because many tropical homes and designs use natural and/or tropical lighting, it is advisable to hire an experienced tropical house architect to make sure that your interior designs to meet your exact needs.

Tropical design focuses on maximizing space

With its focus on passive, aesthetic design, tropical design focuses on maximizing space through careful interior planning and clever placement of windows and doors. The overall design philosophy is one of continuous flow, or the ability for a set of interior spaces to seamlessly meander along a single path. For example, when you enter a tropical house or room, you will come through a living room area, a dining room area and then move to a bedroom before reaching the master bathroom. The water’s energy will circulate throughout the home, providing a natural and relaxing flow throughout the house. Passive design focuses on the use of natural materials and surfaces – such as wood, bamboo, rattan and stone – in interior design so that homeowners can create a cozy, intimate sanctuary in a contemporary, stylish environment.

In order to create a cohesive design, architects and designers must consider all of the elements that will be featured in the tropical house or villa. A good example of this would be the inclusion of a large tropical tree in the design. While the overall aesthetic of the building is tropical, the design is meant to be calming for the family or guests that may visit. A water feature such as a fish pond or waterfall can help set the tone for the overall design of the tropical house. In order to create an aesthetic suited for tropical climates, the use of natural materials is a must. One can contact architectural firms like for tropical architecture services.

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