Download Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers For Exam Preparation

Commerce Sample Papers

All the set of sample question papers for commerce subjects are available for download. Solve them to make the best use of your exam preparation leaves. You will get the Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers on the VSI Jaipur website. Use the link above. The sample papers are available free.  

These sample papers will help you test yourself for the exam. You have the opportunity to know your faults before the exam and improve them before the exams.

Why choose VSI Jaipur for downloading the Class 12th commerce sample papers?

You will get the full set of the latest and old CBSE sample papers on the VSI website. You can also find the new exam pattern with the syllabus and date sheet. 

You can also get effective time management tips for studies, amazing hacks for learning concepts, and some of the very best revision tips. 

VSI Jaipur is the best place for students who wish to make their name and career in the commerce field. They give coaching for some of the best courses in the commerce field, like CA, CS, and CMA. With amazing consecutive records of 1st rankers over the years, their teaching methods are proven and effective. If you want to get more guidance, contact them. 

Download subject-wise papers with solutions

For all your main subjects and any of the optional subjects, you can download the subject-wise papers from the VSI Jaipur website. 

They have old and new sample papers of all the subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Maths, Entrepreneurship, and other subjects. The solutions are provided with a detailed marking scheme as well. Use the link above to get the detailed marking scheme. 

How to use Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers?

Use the sample papers for the Class 12th Commerce subjects for your preparation. 

  • Focus on the presentation of the answers even while solving the Class 12th Commerce sample papers. Remember to keep all the questions of a section together in your answer sheet.
  • Always try to attempt the highest mark questions first. 
  • Make use of your reading time well. If you want to start with MCQs, remember all their answers and write them when the writing time starts. If you are attempting big questions, read them carefully and try to solve them or remember their pointers in your mind. 


When solving the Accountancy sample paper, attempt the Section A questions first. If you are solving MCQs, solve them in your mind during the reading time itself. Or solve the eight mark questions first. Read them carefully and remember where you have to be careful. 

Write proper working notes for every question carrying 4, 6, and 8 marks. Even in questions of 3 marks where you think the working note is important, write it. Keep the presentation of working notes neat and write them with your answers. 

Business Studies 

CBSE has increased the number of 1 mark questions, so you can solve them all during the reading time and write in your answer sheets when writing time begins. If you are attempting other questions, think of all the pointers you will write in the answer.


In the Economics paper as well, CBSE has increased the 1 mark questions. So you can either think of their correct answers in the reading time or remember pointers for the 6 mark questions.


In the Maths paper, it is ideal to start in descending order. Start from the 5 mark questions. If you want, you can do the MCQs in your mind during the reading time and write the answers you have solved correctly. But your first target should be the 5 mark questions when the writing time starts. 

Benefits of practicing with Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers

There are so many benefits of practicing with the sample papers before your exam.

  • When you solve sample papers, you will know how much short of time you felt when you leave questions unanswered. This will test your writing speed in the 3 hours duration. So you can analyze better management of the exam time.
  • After solving the sample papers, you can easily distinguish which topics are easy and hard for you. This will help you know which topics you need to practice more.
  • Your answers written while solving the sample papers are also a key factor in your improvement. The suggested answers and marking scheme will help you in the proper analysis of your answers. You can evaluate every answer and see where you have made mistakes, where you can write better answers. If you don’t know the answer to any question, you can see the correct answer to it and then prepare for more such questions.
  • The new CBSE Class 12th Commerce Sample Paper 2020 is of the latest exam pattern and syllabus. There are no questions from the reduced syllabus, so you will have questions from the syllabus you have studied, and you can give a complete three hours mock test.


Q1. Why is it important to practice with CBSE Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers before the exams?

Ans. The sample papers will polish you for the exam preparation, so you must solve them. 

Q2. How can I get all the class XII commerce sample papers?

Ans. Visit the VSI Jaipur website using the link above to download the class 12 Commerce sample paper PDFs. 

Q3. Will the Class 12th Commerce sample papers 2020 be sufficient for the preparation? 

Ans. You must solve the 2020 sample papers, but besides, it would be good if you also solve the 12th class commerce model paper 2019 sample papers. 

Q4. Where can I get last year’s question papers? 

Ans. Visit the VSI Jaipur website to get last year’s commerce papers. Use the link above. 

Q5. Which sample paper is the best for class 12 students?

Ans. The CBSE sample paper is the best for 12th students. You can get the PDFs from the link above. 

Solving the Class 12th Commerce sample papers is the best technique to practice for exams. You don’t know what type of questions can come in the exams until you solve the sample papers. Download them today from VSI Jaipur. The link is given at the starting of this article. Start your preparation today. Remember that you try to complete the syllabus first with one revision, then solve the sample papers. Take the marks you score in the sample papers as learning and challenge yourself to improve more. Use this chance in your favor and make the most of the time left before the exams.

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