Don’t Miss These Benefits of Signage With Foamex Boards

Benefits of Signage


Signage solutions come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. However, the most popular is the foamex sheets that are lightweight, versatile, and favourite of small to medium-sized businesses because of their cost-effective solution. Time and again it has proven to be the best form of marketing material that lasts long and now with advanced printing technology, it is attracting more and more customers. 

Foamex board printing is fabrication friendly which allows a diverse set of signage solutions to be printed on for backdrops. Foamex can be availed in many different sizes and these are the standard ones. 

  • 3mm foamex – For mall indoor signages and short-term usage. 
  • 5mm foamex – For indoor and outdoor purposes. Short term and long term. 
  • 10mm foamex– For large outdoor signages offering rigidness and sturdiness.  

Advantages of Using Foamex Boards 

Now that you have a little idea about the foamex boards. Let us state its advantages that will help you in your next marketing and promotional campaigns. 

  • Acquires Any Shape 

Foamex sheets have flexible features which allow them to be easily bent. For signage solutions, this is all the better because they can bend into unique shapes for all creative purposes. 

  • Affordable 

Small to medium-sized businesses don’t have complex marketing budgets as one would expect from big brands. And not everyone can afford to shell money for print, radio, and television ads. Foamex boards are the best value for money because they can have as big an impact that bigger organisations tend to have in a much cheaper way. The printing process is smooth with lots of artworks and designs to choose from rendering a premium look wherever they are placed. 

  • Variations 

Foamex sheets are available in a wide variety of thickness ranging from 1 mm to 19mm. We have already mentioned the most popular ones above that are commonly used and best sellers. This allows a business to acquire boards for many different purposes for one marketing campaign. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors to successfully catch the attention of the audience. 

  • Easy To Mount 

Foamex boards can be easily mounted with DIY instructions and for larger ones with the help of professionals. In both scenarios, it is quite a hassle-free job. They can be easily fixed to the walls using velcro or poles. You can also opt for customised stands for your signage solution that not only looks great but also offers great durability for the long run. 

  • Easy To Cut 

Since foamex boards are available in a plethora of options, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sizing, thickness, and other options. But don’t worry! Even if you buy something a little larger for your requirement, you can always cut the board to get the desired shape, and it’s really easy to do that. 

  • Easy to Carry

Foamex is one of the most user-friendly materials because its weight is barely visible and it is way easy to carry. If you happen to move from events to events, then this is the best option for you to go with all your signage needs. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also easy to mount, saving you additional cost every time you take it to business events. 

  • Weather Resistant

One of the best qualities of foamex boards is that they can withstand any extreme temperatures. They are water-resistant and in many cases fire-resistant too. Keep them outdoors in windy and snowy situations, and they won’t wear or tear down as other materials do. The full-colour print is also fade-resistant making it the best bang for the buck in all the departments. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope to have covered all the important points that you need to know about foamex boards. If you are starting new and want to promote your products and services with an affordable and versatile tool, then look no further than these best value for money boards. Foamex printing has quite advanced over the years and bringing a brand vision on paper has never been so easy. 

Well maintained signage with foamex boards can last up to 5-8 years depending on the usage. You can always have a couple of options under your disposal for a series of marketing and promotional campaigns without hurting your wallet. Foamex boards will be popular as long as they meet the demands of the business owners, and in today’s marketing landscape they are the best bet.

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