Producer Divya D’souza Works With Kate Burton On Comedy ‘star Names Only’

Producer Divya D’souza

Producing a film or television show, for Divya D’Souza, is a multifaceted craft. It involves interacting and coordinating with every team on a production and being a part of the filmmaking process from every angle. 

“I love all the pieces that go into filmmaking from costumes to stunts, to camera dept. etc. Even working out the logistics of locations and scheduling,” she said.

Audiences would easily recognize D’Souza’s work, although they may not know it. She has been a part of many celebrated films, like Total Recall and Carrie, and hit television series, including Project Runway Canada and The Strain. She is continuously impressing industry professionals, which is what happened when Writer, Actor, and Producer Erik McDowell approached her, as he enjoyed D’Souza’s previous work on Miskate and also had heard about her expertise and talent as a producer to get a project done and execute it well. He knew she was the right choice to produce his film Star Names Only.

Starring Kate Burton (Greys Anatomy, Scandal, The Dropout) Star Names Only is a comedy satirizing Hollywood’s obsession with casting ‘star names’ in everything from big budget films to no-budget web videos. It follows one actor’s battle as he risks his very own identity for the opportunity…to get an audition. 

“I liked putting a funny spin on a situation that you normally see the burden or the drama of not making it in Hollywood. Also, it was able to highlight how some parts of the film industry can be so hard to navigate and get your foot in the door, which I can relate too. It’s the idea of trying to make it at all costs, but showing that idea in a farcical way,” said D’Souza.

D’Souza’s vast expertise in both directing and producing is what makes her such a phenomenal producer. She was in charge and leading the charge in every aspect of the project, approving locations, budget, schedule, etc. 

“I loved being able to bring this story to life but also being able to work with legendary actress Kate Burton was amazing,” said D’Souza.

Through D’Souza’s leadership, Star Names Only premiered August 2017 at the LA Shorts International Film Festival. It was an instant hit, and the laughs resonating from the audiences just reinforced for D’Souza why she does what she does.

“It felt amazing to have people in the theater laugh and enjoy the film. Knowing something I created was able to get a reaction out of people in the intended way felt phenomenal,” she concluded.

D’Souza is currently working on another comedy project, this time teaming up with Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone on the upcoming Netflix series God’s Favorite Idiot.

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