Difference Between Software Testing and Quality Assurance

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1. Introduction
2. What is software testing?
3. What is quality assurance?
4. Difference between software testing and quality assurance
5. Key Takeaway
difference between software testing and quality assurance


Software testing and Quality Assurance are not the same concepts. Their goals, features, and methods are completely different one each other. Both these services follow different processes and approaches to make your software error-free and rich in every way. But when we talk about software testing, it can be said as having a huge department that includes quality assurance. So practically it is one of the main components of software testing that is indeed important for every software to automate the work. Both the services are essential for a successful software development process and to determine the application’s future.

Software Testing is the process of determining whether the actual product meets the expected requirements and making sure that the software has no defects. It strives to discover mistakes and absent prerequisites that need to be mentioned in the project. It performs running system components via their paces using automated tools or manually to evaluate one or more properties of interest. Even though software testing works out well to break the software, it is a crucial process that is time-limited and reports to the quality assurance process.

Even after the final software testing, a few errors might be undiscovered which can be detected in the QA phase. Thus, we cannot ignore the significance of Quality Assurance. Sometimes there are chances that the final product has some issues in the design and functions. So to tackle such errors quality assurance is necessary. But still, some of you might get confused between software testing and quality assurance. So we’re here to discuss the same.

In this post, we’re going to mention the main difference between software testing and quality assurance so that you know how both these concepts are different and why both are important for every software. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is software testing?

Software testing is the act of evaluating and examining the artifacts of the software product under test by verification and validation. It analyzes the software and checks whether all the functionalities included in it works correctly or not. And if there are any errors, software testing tends to resolve the errors and deliver real outcomes that match the expected results. It equips an intent, autonomous product view that allows businesses to comprehend the menaces of software implementation.

Basically, it is an effective approach to testing the system and finding possible defects, and checking the action pieces of code written by programmers. It offers considerable benefits such as eliminating unwanted costs, enhancing software performance, preventing your software from harmful bugs, and much more. There are numerous methods to test the product and detect errors. Software testing helps testers to check whether the final product meets the actual requirements regarding product features, functionalities, design, compatibility, etc.

In short, whether your project is small or large, software testing cannot be ignored. So make sure to perform effective testing before it reaches the customers.

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance is an organized procedure of specifying whether a product satisfies defined requirements or not. It is used both in services industries and manufacturing to describe the systematic efforts taken to make sure that the product delivered to the client meets all the actual needs and other agreed-upon performance, reliability, and design.

Basically, it is designed to assure that the software developed conforms to all the specifications, for instance, SRS, FRS, and BRS. It is a prepared approach to the testing process evaluation aspired at the quality product yield to prevent your product from possible errors. Software quality assurance establishes and maintains a set of requirements to build reliable products. It defines the standards and procedures to develop software according to the project requirements.

Difference between software testing and quality assurance

But if you are confused between software testing and quality assurance, here is the table that will help you to know what are the main differences between them. Just have a look at it:

Software TestingQuality Assurance
The aim of Software testing is to control the product quality.The aim of Quality assurance is to make sure that the product quality is maintained.
It tends to focus on system inspection and detecting bugs and errors.It focuses on quality control and meeting the requirements.
Software testing is a process-oriented approach.Quality assurance is a product-oriente approach.
It validates whether the product is developed according to the client’s requirements and it meets their needs.It ensures that processes and procedures are in place to achieve quality.
It is an approach to quality control.It is a component of the Software Development Life Cycle.
Activity type: CorrectiveActivity type: Preventive

Key Takeaway

So that’s it for the blog. Now we assume that you can clearly identify the common differences of software testing and quality assurance. Both these concepts are different from one another and none of them can be ignored as both are important to deliver a high-quality and error-free product to the customer. They use different methods and processes to reach the goal and allow businesses to create a better understanding of quality and improve productivity from a variety of different skill sets.

Therefore the things we mentioned above can show how important software testing and quality assurance are to achieve success. This shows that both hold great value in the process of software development and offer better usability and enhanced features and functionalities. They work in the same direction keeping a professional attitude and excellent communication by their side to help realize the stated goal. However, we can say that both these approaches are essential and it cannot be overlooked. By combining the two approaches that we discussed in this post, we have more chances to gain success and that’s all we want, isn’t it?

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Till then happy reading!

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