What Are SMS Opt-Outs And The Ways To Decrease SMS Opt-Outs For Your Business?

SMS Opt-Outs For Your Business

What is an opt-out text? 

The phrase “opt-out” implies that the recipient isn’t willing to get your texting communications. An opt-out message is the contrary of the opt-in SMS message. 

An opt-out text could be triggered automatically if the consumer lets the company know they aren’t interested in getting SMS from your business. 

Your consumers have all the right to opt-out of your text at any time. As per TCPA guidelines, companies should offer clear opt-out instructions, where they need to handle opt-out contacts responsibly. 

It is unlawful if you are still texting consumers even after they requested an SMS opt-out. Businesses can manage texting subscriber lists through an SMS for business service along with the STOP command. Consumers text STOP for opting out of a company’s messages. If the company uses a safe SMS channel, it should block every text sent automatically to the consumers from that similar line Use our SMS Gateway

Here is an example of an opt-out SMS. This instance even involves language to the consumers that make them know about how to opt.  


“You are unsubscribed. From now on, you are not going to get more messages from us. Reply UNSTOP to unsubscribe”. 

Why do consumers opt-out of your SMS marketing?

 SMS marketing?
  • Remember that whatever you say is good to be vital. So, ensure your text is professional and your brand is identified, then make content clear and simple to grasp at a glance.
  • Relevance is an essential aspect to follow while messaging. As with many businesses, opting for personalization being irrelevant can harm your relationship. So, Irrelevant messages can make consumers opt-out.
  • The frequency of SMS might disturb or please people. So, it should be the main thing to know while texting consumers. It would be best if you had a good balance while sending messages. Why don’t you try sending just 4 messages monthly? 
  • Delivering texts at the wrong time can impact opt-out rates. A report found that SMS sent during the week is just 1.8%, but it’s 5.8% on weekends.
  • If you told your consumers that they would get good incentives or offers and deals after opt-in to your services, you should stand on that. Failing to provide incentives and some offers can impact opt-outs. Please give them a good reason to stay and keep them entertained. 
  • Texting is one of the two ways of conversation. So, when the consumers replied to the messages, ensure that your team member is all set to respond easily, or consumers find it too rude.

Ways to decrease SMS opt-outs?

1. Look at Timing and Time Zone 

For profitable SMS marketing, one needs to look at time zones and timing. Try to send out the messages within 8 AM to 8 PM whether you have discounts or promotions, your discounts or offers. Consumers always love to enjoy time zone knowledge, which can strengthen relationships and expand brand awareness through positive consumer reviews.

2. Send quality content

As discussed above, targeting is needed, but nothing can work out if your content fails before consumers. So, think about whether your message includes something of value to the customers. Were you trying to reach consumers with a subject or content that fits your business identity? Think about it, then send the messages if you think they speak to your consumers in a meaningful manner. Also, we suggest you a good blend of relationship and promotional building content that enhances revenue and reduces opt-outs.

Here are the things that should be added to your messages:

  • Your brand names
  • A link
  • Picture (can be gif or PNG)
  • Add an opt-out option

3. Clean and Respectful is your main target

The more consumers know what they’re opting in for, the more profitable your campaign could be. So, before anything else, it is better to start with the profits they get from your texts and when they expect a message from you. Along with following compliance regulations, being transparent helps strengthen honesty and trust within the brand and consumers. 

Ensure that each message should be sent regarding what you promised before participating in. Begin with a fresh campaign if you see new reasons for communicating.  

4. Personalization 

 It is an advanced marketing solution and not new to SMS marketing. Ask them the queries to profile consumers and to know more about their wants and needs. You can find how they reacted in the past. Align the messages to find their buying and behavior, then create responses that increase your SMS marketing campaign’s performance. 


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