8 Simple Steps To Create A Doctors Appointment App


Doctor’s appointment apps are of great use if you know how to create one. Read on to learn how you can design an appointment app for your personal clinic.

After the pandemic, people now prefer online doctor consultation for many reasons. Onlin e consultation has indeed increased. From reduced cost to efficient medical service, consulting doctor online has emerged as a brilliant option.

Today, whether it is hospitals or personal clinics, everyone is harnessing the potential of doctor appointment apps. These apps can schedule an appointment with your concerned doctor without the hassle of standing in the queue.

The Need For A Doctor Appointment App

Doctor appointment apps are preferred by both medical professionals and patients. It is essential for personal clinics to start embracing these apps to enhance their online medical services.

Creating a doctor appointment app is super simple; all you need to know is the right approach.

Steps To Create Our Basic Appointment App

You need to consider certain factors while creating a doctor appointment app. To further ease your concerns, we have prepared a few steps to design an appointment app for clinics.

1. App’s name

The first and foremost thing you need to come up with is a name for your app. It should be catchy and easy to understand. The name should be synonymous with what you do, and it should reflect your objectives. Do your research and see how others have named their apps.

2. Add features

The next step should be to add all the necessary features that will make your app purposeful. There should be features of appointment, payment, patient’s records, etc. Every feature holds a special place in the app, and you cannot ignore them. Check out other apps for more inspiration about features.

3. Publish the app

Creating an app would be incomplete without publishing on different app stores. If you want to make your app visible to your audience, it is important to publish it on both the Play Store and App Store. You need to acquire various licenses from the app stores for publishing your app.

4. Profile creation

One of the key features of an appointment app is creating the profile. Both doctors and patients have to create their profile in order to find each other. You need to make a form for profile creation that doctor and patient have to fill. Make sure to include all the necessary information from both sides.

5. Searching

Searching is an important feature that helps the patients in finding their expert consultant. Whether they want a cardiologist, gynecologist or chiropractor, the search feature should be able to help them find their doctor. Make sure to add sufficient filters in your search that will advance the search process.

6. Appointment Booking

Once you have added all the features and necessary information, it is time to focus on the appointment booking. It is the most crucial step in creating an appointment app. For this, you need to decide how you need your patients to schedule an appointment through chat or call and then add it to the app.

7. Add Payment Options

Yet another important step that you need to complete before creating your app is adding the payment option. It is better to add multiple payment options that will make the process easier for all the customers. Credit/debit, UPI, online banking, etc., are some of the common payment methods.

8. GPS Tracking

It is not a compulsory feature but an add-on that you can consider adding to your app. A majority of personal clinics are adding GPS tracking features in their apps to help patients and doctors find each other without any hassle. You can find your doctor’s location more accurately with GPS tracking.

The Bottom Line

Consulting doctor online has become easier than ever with doctor appointment apps. Through these apps, people can schedule their appointment for online consultation. If you own a personal clinic, then you must have an appointment app. It not only helps your patients but also increases your credibility in the market.

The above mentioned were a few factors that you need to consider while designing an appointment app.

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