Boom With Lavishing Silk Saree This Wedding Season

Although, all Indian clothing is gorgeous nothing can compare with an alluring and graceful saree. The saree is the epitome of elegance and grace and looks great on any occasion. Silk sarees are just gorgeous available sarees these days. The silk saree immediately makes us think of wealth and splendor. The Indian silk saree is known for its traditional history with modern touch which makes it a wardrobe essential. A silk saree is always better for your casual gathering or formal event. 

Silk has a special place in heart of women not only in India but all over the world, thanks to its glimmering, alluring, smooth, and luxurious weave. Silk sarees are desirable and deliver a significant amount of fashion and flair. The silk saree is famous in India and plays a significant role on special occasions in India. They are typically worn at weddings, parties, and functions and also to attain a bridal look. Adaptability is the main factor for the popularity of silk fabric. Several types of silk are natural protein fabrics.

Silk Saree This Wedding Season

The silk saree is above its nine yards. It is a symbol of our culture and tradition. The silk saree offers tradition, culture, elegance, and modernism. It is not unexpected that silk saree is available in a variety of colors, designs, fabrics, and patterns but you will be astonished by the beauty and grace of the silk that exists throughout the nation.

Banarasi silk saree

Silk Saree This Wedding Season

One of the impactful silk saree that you should have in your wardrobe is the banarasi silk saree. These are renowned for their quality gold zari, quality silk, or brocade for their lavish embroidery work. Silk saree never fail for their impression with Mughals themes and elaborate design and one of the ideal varieties of silk saree.

Chanderi silk saree

Silk Saree This Wedding Season

Chanderi silk saree originated from Chanderi place in Madhya Pradesh. Due to the humid climate in the city, the chanderi saree is incredibly lightweight and convenient for transport. Stunning designs like traditional coins, peacocks, chanderi temples, and a lot more are woven into the silk saree. There are three different types of fabric such as silk cotton, pure silk, and chanderi cotton are used to make chanderi silk.

Cotton silk saree

Silk Saree This Wedding Season

Another variety of silk is the cotton silk saree. This type of hybrid silk saree is created by combining fibers and silk fabric. Cotton silk is commonly known as cot silk and is an ideal fabric for a saree as it requires little upkeep and looks luxurious too. The quantity of each type of yarn during production affects the texture of the silk saree. Silky cotton, lightweight, and breathable fabric make it the perfect attire for summer wear.

You should choose any of the aforementioned assortment if you want to look beautiful and chic in the saree. You must own these classic staples in your wardrobe and wedding celebrations are ideal occasions to wear these. 

Crepe silk saree

Silk Saree This Wedding Season

Crepe fabric is characterized by a pebble surface. The texture of the fabric is the result of the twisted threads and yarns which can be of different types. In crepe silk, the threads are usually raw silk, twisted and tied together to produce a unique crepe texture. It is also one of the finest fabrics which is why it is so expensive but different cheaper variations of the crepe silk sarees are also available in the market.

Decision Time

We shared the best silk sarees varieties with you for a more enhanced look. Silk is the most adaptable and finest fabric which makes it ideal for functions and parties. Its shiny surface adds charm and elegance to it. If you are planning for a family function soon, it is recommended to wear a silk saree and become a center of attraction at the party. 

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