5 Best Attractions In Australia to Have An Awesome Trip

Best attractions in Australia

Imagine traveling to your dream destination and doing all the things that you have ever planned in your mind. Every trip undertaken can be the perfect bliss and the finest journey full of new experiences, adventure, thrill, and happiness. 

The Universe is entirely packed with endless holiday destinations, and one such is Australia, often known as the land of dreams for a million reasons. There is no shortage of exciting places and things to discover in Australia, from sacred places to vibrant entertainment zones. Moreover, the country is home to captivating coral reefs, red deserts, natural wonders, multicultural cities, ancient rainforests, sand islands, rainforests, exotic national parks, and stunning family-friendly landmarks. The ultimate adventure travel in Australia deserves total attention and hype. 

Best Attractions in Australia

Plan a tropical vacation and get to know about the best attractions in Australia through a valuable guide. 

1. Melbourne

If you are confused between the best attractions in Australia, Melbourne is one of the second largest and most popular cities in Australia, which can fulfill your dream travel needs. The vibrant nightlife and culture of the city are worth the visit. Moreover, the beautiful art galleries, theaters, fancy restaurants, unique shops, lush green gardens, and famous attractions draw the major attention of tourists towards the sophisticated city. 

If you are a true cricket fan, head to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch an interesting cricket match and support your favorite players in the summers and Australian Rules football in the winters. Also, there are elegant shopping spots on Bourke Street and Chapel Street for major shopaholics, and they can purchase some unique pieces before they leave the place.

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2. Sydney Opera House

Many people think that the Opera House and Sydney Opera House are the same, but both are different. Sydney Opera House is an iconic building in Australia that tops the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, highly appreciated for its remarkable and iconic architecture. For that matter, Jorn Utzon, the architect of the stunning building, even won the international competition for its incredible design. 

There is water on three sides of the structure, and the Royal Botanic Gardens stands to the south side. The construction was completed in 1973, and its total cost exceeds ten times more than the actual planned budget. While you are here, you can enjoy a fantastic meal at one of the best restaurants around the building, take a tour with your travel companions, and watch a theoretical performance in theaters, studios, concert halls, cinema, or exhibition rooms.  

3. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Greek Barrier Reef Marine Park is one of the dream attractions in the entire Universe, also listed in the World Heritage. The construction of the incredible attraction was completed in 1975 with an aim to conserve the ecosystems, which is home to more than 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, and mangrove islands. 

The irresistible charm and beauty of the park make it one of the seven wonders of the world, which lies 2300 kilometers on the east coast of the country. There are tons of popular activities to do in the park, including diving, snorkeling, and sightseeing the spectacular views. Make Airlines reservations and don’t miss the chance to see a number of different marine life, like sharks, dugongs, dolphins, turtles, rays, giant clams, and more than 1600 tropical fish species and coral reefs, while enjoying the water sports. 

4. Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park is one of the best attractions in Australia. In short it is heaven and a perfect attraction to spend a day trip in the lapse of nature. The park lies 81 kilometers in the west of Sydney, named for its incredible blue haze emerging from the eucalyptus trees. In addition, the park is home to beautiful waterfalls, dramatic gorges, around 140 hiking trails, rock paintings, and endless wilderness. 

The park’s main highlights are the sandstone rock formations. It is known as the Three Sisters and the Katoomba Scenic Railway. This take visitors down the Jamison Valley through a tunnel into an ancient deep rainforest. Some of the adventurous activities to do in the park are hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, etc. 

5. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the world’s famous beach and home to one of the oldest surf clubs. Are you entirely a beach person? You must come here. It will take you around 15 minutes by car from the city center. Many tourists gather at Bondi beach during Christmas and New Year to celebrate with their loved ones. You can stroll around the beach, play games, plan a family picnic, and enjoy water activities. In addition, there are shops, cafes, and restaurants across the street. You can also discover the markets once you have spent quality time on the beach. You can make all this possible by making a Jetblue booking. 

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