6 Amazing Benefits of Choosing Joomla CMS for Your Business

Do You Need CMS

In the world of website development, you must have come across several terms like that of CMS, CRM, SERP, SEP, CDN, and many more.

Out of all this, CMS is our main focus here.

Content Management System (CMS) is particularly important for more than half of the websites.

If you do not know, then we must tell you that around 64 million websites use CMS. It helps to manage overall content, marketing campaigns, and information in a hassle-free manner.

And, if you are planning to create a new enterprise, then also you will be needing a feature-rich and fully functional CMS.

But what exactly is the role of CMS for you? Why do you need it? And, which particular CMS is considered best for you? All such queries will be answered in the next section.

Why Do you Need CMS ?

Every single website requires a CMS to add, modify, edit, and publish content at a given time or schedule the same. Leverage the power of this software to customize the design and functionality of your website. On top of that, you can have multiple internal users access the same platform for making specific changes in content, pages, URLs, designs, and more.

If we say, more specifically, then your would business website has no functionality without having any CMS.

Next is to know how does CMS work for your website to understand its relevance.

How Does CMS Work?

There is a series of processes to look at while understanding the working of CMS for your website.

  • First you build the website from the scratch.
  • Start with HTML to add images, navigation bars, text, and other building blocks of the website.
  • You have to add the CSS to style all the content elements and bring a unique feel to it.
  • Write JavaScript to add more functionality to your website.
  • Every time you have to make changes in the content or add a new one, you have to follow similar kinds of steps.

It might seem complicated in the first place, but you need not worry about creating a technically rich website on the best CMS all by yourself. For this, you can have the support of Joomla development services and create feature-rich, interactive, and scalable websites.

Joomla is one of the pioneers and highly acquired CMS that will be talking about next.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the popular content management systems that has over 100 million downloads. It is an open-source CMS based on the MVC framework which is highly used for publishing web content seamlessly.

With this CMS, you will get plenty of features like full page caching, printable versions of pages, RSS feeds, composer integration, multilingual support, and attractive blog themes.

Key Benefits

1. Distinctive Usability Factor

Whether it is about creating a simple to a complex corporate website, Joomla offers the right kind of support. It features an unexpected list of modules to make the development process goes seamless. Leverage the most out of Joomla features to outline and create your profit-oriented platform.

2. Ideal for Publishing Blogs

Blogging is an important component of a website. You need regular posting of blogs with relevant graphics and creatives. In this sphere, Joomla CMS helps you publishing and scheduling a variety of blogs swiftly. For this, you need not require a hardcore knowledge of PHP, HTML, or CSS. Simply follow the copy, paste, interlinking, and publish process.

3. Flexibility

Joomla CMS offers you more than 10,000 extensions options to integrate with your website. It implies, complete customized solution to add any type of functionality to your website. Using this CMS, you can integrate marketing, social media, language, site management, and other related extensions.

4. Multi-Lingual Support

Create different versions of Joomla in multiple languages in a hassle-free manner. Joomla offers end-to-end multilingual support to enterprises of all sizes.

5. Active Community

Joomla offers a widespread technical community of over 200,000 developers. They are always with Joomla website owners to provide consistent technical support along with free to access learning documentation and material.

6. Unparalleled Security

With Joomla, you need not feel concerned about security. It offers several third-party extensions to maintain an optimum level of your site’s security. Thus, keeping the hackers away and fix all the security issues quite well.

Final Note

From the above discussion, it is clear that Joomla CMS is an apt choice for startups to already established enterprises. With so many benefits to look for along with a wide range of extensions and the developer’s community support, using it all helps to create a profitable website.

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