4 Benefits of Becoming Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Certified Information Systems Auditor

The CISA certification is the internationally recognized standard for IT auditors.

It certifies that an individual has been tested and shown to have knowledge, expertise, and skill in determining vulnerabilities of business systems as well as instituting controls.

This certificate can be obtained by overseeing organizations’ computerized information that is being monitored, managed or protected from potential security breaches.

The CISA certification is a highly sought-after certification for IT auditors and security information management (SIM) professionals.

With the ever-changing landscape of both technology and business, most employers are looking to employ people with this certification across the globe.

Here are some prominent reasons why you should consider this certification:

1. It Is A Regularly Growing For Professionals

As the field of IT auditing continues to grow, more people will be looking for certified professionals who can analyze and help secure information systems resources.

The CISA course certification is a well-established certificate in this industry that could open up many employment doors. It also shows recruiters that you are serious about your career path as an IT auditor and set goals for pursuing such jobs in the future.

2. Increase The Probabilities of Growth

The acquisition of new skills can help a person become more engaged in their work and get promoted. CISA course certification allows for a better salary, which is why it’s important to take the available courses

Some people may be interested in taking up IT or business management classes because they allow them to gain qualifications while also contributing towards company services being provided. It will result in an increased engagement as well as higher pay rates with excellent terms and conditions on the job.

This makes it all worthwhile if you invest your time into these types of programs.

Increase The Probabilities of Growth

3. Recognition At A Global Level

As a certification of excellence in the field, CISA online certification is well recognized internationally.

The whole system for issuing and maintaining this certificate has been standardized to maintain consistency with all countries’ requirements.

This makes it an ideal starting point for professionals who are seeking IT auditing experience because every country will recognize its value.

4. Gain Expertise Through Practice

This course will be a valuable asset to those looking for an exciting, challenging career in IT.

Not only can these students enhance their skill set with this certificate, but they are more likely to find employment opportunities as well since the field is so competitive and everything from Information Systems auditing requires certification of various sorts anyways.

What Are The Responsibilities of A Certified Information Systems Auditor?

Following are the prominent duties of CISA certified professionals:

  • Applying an audit strategy for information systems, which relies on risk management.
  • Planning audits that are leveraged to determine if the IT assets are managed and protected properly.
  • Performing audits in compliance with the predetermined objectives and standards of organizations.
  • Sharing the results of audits and offering recommendations to the management.
  • Executing re-assessment of audits to make sure the actions are performed by the management.

But the responsibilities of CISA often go beyond auditing control. These professionals collaborate with management to:

  • Authenticate the process of organization
  • Plan for execution
  • Operation of organization’s deployed system

How To Become A Certified Information Systems Auditor?

To become a certified information systems auditor, you have to follow these steps:

  • Prepare for the CISA exam and complete the examination.
  • Apply for the CISA certification.
  • Comply with the code of professional ethics laid by ISACA.
  • Adhere to continuing professional education program by ISACA.
  • Follow the information systems auditing standards by ISACA.

The examination is open for individuals who are interested in IS auditing, security and control. Moreover, it includes 150 multiple choice questions that last for four hours. The questions in the CISA exam covers the following domain:

  • Governance and management of IT
  • The process of auditing information systems
  • IS operations, service management, and maintenance
  • Information systems, development, acquisition, and development
  • Information assets’ protection

To pass this exam, you have to score a minimum of 450 and above. The exam is held in December, September, and June in various locations across the globe. Moreover, the exam is provided in English, Chinese, French, Mandarin, Simplified, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.

The CISA certification is acknowledged across the world as a sign of excellence in the information system audition.

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