7 Most Aggressive Sun Signs According to Astrology

Aggressive Sun Signs

Everyone has different personalities. Some are calm while some are hard-headed. However, there are people who are quick to lose control over their words and behavior. These people easily get ticked off and can get frustrated easily. A little provocation can make them angry and hurt. 

As per astrology, this happens due to the influence of their sun sign. Zodiac signs according to month determine the personality traits of every individual. It shapes their demeanor and makes them aggressive or level-headed. However, there are few astrology signs that tend to be super cranky and stroppy. Curious, what are these signs, and how you can know about the most aggressive signs with the help of astrology?

Look no further! In this post, we have shared the list of the most aggressive sun signs that are born with traits of anger and aggression. Take a look and explore more about these signs.

7 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Temper Issue (Most Aggressive Sun Signs)

Here is the list of zodiac signs that are prone to aggression and anger issues. Read on to know which signs have made it in the list of most aggressive sun signs. 

1. Aries

Ruled by Mars, Aries tend to be aggressive, passionate, and highly energetic. They cannot control their emotions and easily get irked on small matters. These impulsive people exhibit great control issues and often make important decisions without forethought. Plus, Aries lacks impatience. They rush into things and do not care for other people’s thoughts and feelings. These natives are so self-obsessed that they hardly agree with other people. If objected or stopped, Aries can lose temper and hurt people. 

2. Taurus

Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus exhibit the traits of the bull. They are stubborn and strong-headed. They stay firm on their views and hardly change their path for others. These people don’t like people who force them to follow their ways. They get loud and easily become aggressive when losing their temper. However, they quickly cool down and do not hold grudges for long. Taurus natives should recognize their temper issues and make an effort to think before they act. 

3. Gemini

Known for their dual personality, Geminis are quick to lose their temper. They can go extreme at one point and can be calm at another. These people are very analytical. They observe each thing and do not like any illogical and impractical viewpoints. They find people disruptive and get irked easily. The best way to quench their anger is their own wit and humor. Geminis should learn to take things lightly and encourage their loved ones to follow the same. 

4. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists of the Zodiac and hence they have high expectations from others that they will also do things with perfection. However, it is not always possible. People tend to make mistakes and this makes Virgos very furious. They feel outraged when their expectations are not met. They turn arrogant and do not shy away from saying mean things to their friends and loved ones. To overcome their anger, Virgos should be cautious of their words. They should learn to deal with imperfection and flaws. 

5. Leo

Leos are opinionated, domineering, and powerful. They are kind to people but if they feel disappointed they may become furious. They stick to their views and never back down from what they believe or proposed. These people like things in their own way and thus dominate others to follow them. They also don’t like working under someone. They desire attention and easily feel ignored if they are not served with the same. Sometimes, the ego and arrogance of Leo destroy relationships and make people hurt bitterly. Leos are advised to consider their actions if they don’t want to keep their loved ones upset.

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are known for their resentful nature. They never forgive and hold grudges for a long time. If they are hurt they seek revenge. They don’t leave their enemies and can go to any extent to give them a taste of their own medicine. Like Scorpios, these natives sting hard. They are uncontrollable and tend to be easily annoyed if they get cheated or betrayed. At times, Scorpios tend to show their aggression in passive and manipulative ways. They don’t show but their actions make people know what they did wrong to a Scorpio. To reduce toxicity in their lives, Scorpios should control their anger and seek a different approach when they feel hurt. 

7. Pisces

Shocked! How Pisces can be on the list of the most aggressive zodiac signs? Well! The compassionate, quiet, and soulful Pisces is also not immune from temper problems. They lose their temper quickly and get hurt easily due to their sensitive nature. Moreover, they have an escapist nature. They blame people and tend to not show their anger in the front. They act passively and often sit on the fence when dealt with problems. Also, Pisces cannot handle criticism, they get irked and upset faster. To curb their anger, Pisces should stop being pessimistic. They should practice calm habits and balance their emotions.

There you have it- the top 7 most aggressive zodiac signs. Be happy if you are not on the list and if your zodiac is one of the aggressive sun signs, then don’t worry. You may control your anger by making some efforts. Meditation, positive activities, and recognizing unhealthy habits can bring a big change. Remember, even though you have all the right reasons to be angry, you are the one who will suffer a lot through that. So, take small steps and if you seek guidance, you can also chat with psychic experts who can help you with anger management and a positive mindset.

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