Dominate The Booming Digital world by Acquiring The Zoom Clone

Acquiring The Zoom Clone

The Covid-19 pandemic was the biggest disrupter to the lives of millions of people in 2020. However, there was one popular application that we used endlessly to communicate with our near and dear ones. It was none other than Zoom, the American video chatting and conferencing platform. Though the Zoom app was launched in September 2012 itself, it witnessed a huge surge in the number of users, profits, revenue, and traffic last year. 

Entrepreneurs looking to perform strongly in the digital era can team up with a skilled app development company to create a world-class Zoom clone. The customized Zoom meetings clone app solution includes Android and iOS apps, an advanced admin dashboard, and a modern web panel.  It can be easily used by business enterprises, individuals, and governments for their day-to-day operations.

What is the step-by-step process to use the Zoom clone app?

  • Users must install a video conferencing app like Zoom – on their devices (computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone). 
  • They should register themselves – by entering their email address, phone number, and user name on the online platform. People need to submit details of the One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS to create their account on the Zoom clone.
  • The admin of the Zoom meetings clone app approves – the accounts of new members after verifying their background and data. 
  • Members can utilize their Single-Sign-On (SSO) – credentials or sync their Facebook and Google Accounts to log in to the Zoom clone for business.
  • Users can join an audio/video meeting – from their screen by entering details of the Invitation link sent by their colleagues, family members, and friends. 
  • Zoom users will know information like – the name of the host, number of participants, numeric passwords for phone and room systems, participant ID, and the topic of discussion in the online meeting. 
  • They can adjust their audio/video settings – before speaking on the online platform. They can mute their audio when one person is sharing his/her thoughts and also switch off their video by disabling the webcam. 
  • Members can leave the meeting anytime – according to their convenience on the Zoom clone app. They should click the “End Meeting” option to exit an online conversation. 
  • Additionally, the host of the platform like Zoom can stop – the video conference by pressing the “End Meeting For All” button. Hosts can also get away from a discussion by tapping the “Leave Meeting” option. They will make another person the Host and log out of the platform. The new host will continue the online meeting by moderating the conversations efficiently. 
  • Finally, users share the feedback – of their video conferencing experience by posting comments and opinions. They can also rate the quality of the video chat or webinar on a scale of 1-5. 

What are the various yearly packages offered in the Zoom meetings clone app?

Free Plan

A video conferencing app like Zoom can easily host up to 100 participants. Hosts can conduct hassle-free group meetings for 40 minutes. Users can take part in unlimited one-one meetings. 

Pro for Small Teams

This is ideal for different departments in organizations and newly launched startups. Hosts can organize video meetings for 100 to 1000 participants in a glitch-free manner. Group meetings can be held for 30 hours. 

The Pro package for Small Teams also includes features like 1 GB cloud storage facilities and a social media streaming option. They can also purchase software licenses for each Zoom account. 

Small and Medium Businesses Plan

It supports up to 300 participants in a single video conference. The Zoom plan for Small and Medium enterprises across different industries contains a plethora of features. 

Companies benefit from international calling options, managed domains, personal display of the brand name and logo, Single-Sign-On (SSO) mechanism, and transcript recording facilities. 

Large Enterprises Plan

Huge organizations running business operations across the world can utilize the lucrative Large Enterprises Plan. They can host video meetings for at least 500 people on-demand. The big companies get advantages like the availability of exclusive Zoom software licenses and unlimited cloud storage facilities. 

Premium Features

A well-versed app development company also offers a set of premium features as part of the Zoom clone for business. It comprises audio conferencing (call-in, call-out, global toll-free, and local dial-in), monthly plans for conducting large meetings, priority customer support given by a dedicated technical account manager, and 3 TB monthly cloud storage facilities. 

What is the budget outlay for developing the Zoom clone script?

A top-notch app development company divides the budget for creating the Zoom clone into several phases. It includes business analysis, market research, UI/UX designing, development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), front-end and back-end development, testing the performance and security of a video conferencing app like Zoom, launching the solution in the market, and conducting digital marketing campaigns to boost conversion rates and maximize business traction for entrepreneurs.  

Entrepreneurs have to incur extra costs on services like API integration, fixing technical bugs and glitches, maintenance, software updates, and technical support. 

Wrapping Up

The Zoom online video conferencing platform has made a storm in the tech world. Users get the benefits of highly secure communication. Importantly, the Work from Home (WFH) is here to stay due to the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and Zoom will get more users in the coming months. 

Above all, it will play an important role for business firms in the future by adding new features, entering new markets, and using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). 

Hence, emerge as a path-breaking techpreneur by obtaining the Zoom clone app now from a reputed app development company.

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