A Glimpse on Future of Online Dating Apps

Online Dating Apps

Online Dating has certainly changed the ways of hook ups with someone special and individuals are provided with an opportunity to fling and mingle with anyone they like just with a swipe.

Swiping on dating apps is generating more chances for the singles to mingle around with anyone of their choice whether it is just a date, long-term relationships, or the commitments which end with marriage.

Though online dating is not widely accepted  in society, Still it has helped single mothers and many such women to find their love and make a fresh start in their personal lives after a heartbreak.

With the growth and popularity of Online Dating women can live the life the way she wants without making any justifications to anyone.

This is one of the most prominent advantages that women across every society is enjoying with the help of dating apps.

We don’t know what the future holds for us? But certainly one thing can be made sure that the future of dating apps will be much more brighter in the near future as the number of kids being born by the couple who met online has certainly increased.

Even at the time of lockdown individuals were quarantined at home and they certainly had no other option but to remain in touch with friends, family and even find their someone special on dating apps.

The downloads of dating apps gradually increased in the lockdown period and the trend for virtual dates started.

Even though the individuals are making the perfect use of online dating apps still they are afraid to confess that they are using the online dating apps.

It gets even worse when they start using their accounts and then they start deleting their pics and feel vulnerable in schizophrenic manner.

Development of Online Dating

Along with the age of the internet in the 90’s, online dating has been the first use case of the internet.

There were no specific apps but the earlier environment of the internet was such that anyone can easily get into conversation with whoever they like and talking with strangers was the new normal of that time.

Earlier talking with strangers was restricted and it was considered a paradox.

In the initial phase of the internet, it was an expensive service where the people used to pay per minute, hour and with many frauds and scams as the earlier rules and regulations did not recognize the gravity of the crime which can arise from the internet.

The earlier era of the internet often asked for the paid services and all the individuals who were willing to enjoy such online dating even paid to enjoy the services.

But with the technological advancements and the internet revolution individuals changed their ways to find their match and even apps and websites provide the platform which is free of cost and where strangers can connect with each other without even paying for it.

The drastic shift of youngsters in using such online dating apps calls out for major innovations that the app development companies which are for dating need to adopt.

Those who cannot get into any kind of relationship on social media platforms are often indulging themselves into dating apps such as tinder, Okcupid and much more which are specially designed for the defined purposes.

The pain and pleasure principle of psychology gets followed everywhere and dating is not an exception to it.

1. Expectations needs to be controlled

Searching and finding your soulmate is the most tedious task and it is of high importance in each and every individual’s life.

The marketing techniques and tools which are used by the existing dating apps are just about match-making and hookups but the ones who are eagerly searching for their soulmates makes them vulnerable and threatens their wish to find their soulmates.

The tools often make false promises which gets even harder when we think of fulfilling the arising needs and expectations of different users.

2. Reality check

The profiles and the short bio or description about the different users oftens follows several word limits which restricts the actual traits and identity of the users.

Such traits and identity of the user is the only thing which makes every individual unique as the apps only believes in physical appearance and beauty.

In the initial stages the app might appear appealing and even boost a certain level of confidence but it quickly becomes unpleasant when the users face the harsh reality about them for the physicality or physical intimacy.

The comments and sexual appeals which get received by the user often enhances and triggers the integrity of an individual and especially women.

The churn levels can only be curbed once the profiles are secured along with that it must fulfill the basic expectations of the user for having an account on such dating apps and websites.

The End of swipe and Match culture

The dating app works as secret keeper as the users can swipe right to the particular profile if they actually like the profile.

The profile which gets swiped by you and which matches your interest wont be getting any notification about your interest in them as the UX design of the app does not reveal whose profile is being swiped to the right.

Once the user on the other hand gets to swipe and knows your profile then only they get the notification that – It’s a match and then only both the users can start their conversation.

The Last Sentence

The technological advancements and the focus of the dating apps must not be compared with the social media apps.

Some unique features must be created where an individual can easily figure out whether the app is just for dating and that can easily help the individual to channelize their search accordingly.

The future is still not predictable but dating apps are likely to change the behavioral patterns and online hooking culture and with the implementation of new technology it will surely change the culture and perception of online dating app development in the minds of individuals and the society at large.

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