A Beginners Guide To Car Detailing Business

Car Detailing Business

Getting your vehicle cleaned and restored to its new condition is called car detailing. Many car mechanics offer their details but it should be kept in mind that car detailing is different from the car wash. It is a more intensive cleaning which includes painting the exterior and proper vacuuming of the interior of your car. Anyone can clean the car from inside and outside but a professional cleaner will clean your vehicle with the right techniques and good quality products.

What services are offered in professional car detailing?

Exterior Cleaning: Exterior Cleaning: In the exterior car cleaning services, you get an exterior wash and dry, paint claying, polishing, and waxing. In the wash and dry process, the dealer will manually wash your car with water and car cleaning products including the windows, doors, and glasses. In order to get a cleaner and smoother surface after the car has been washed, a clay bar is used. This clay bar removes all the contaminants and residues from the car. After this polishing buff is used to remove small layers of car paint. This helps in removing the scratches from the car paint. In the end, wax is applied to the car surface which adds a protective layer to the paint.

Interior Cleaning: This includes vacuuming carpets, seats, and trunks to remove all the debris. Scrubbing and brushing of car seats to remove any stain. For removing tough stains from the car seat and carpet, steam cleaning is used. Proper cleaning of windows and windshields. After all this, many retailers spray perfume inside the car to make it smell fresh and clean.

Extra car detailing services:

You can also get some additional car detailing services in which you will get paint correction, ceramic coating, and PPF.

  • Paint Coating: This is the process of taking off the top layer of the car due to flaws like dull paint or oxidation. Many detailers use the rotatory machine polisher because it provides the best paint correction.
  • Ceramic Coating: Ceramic coating is the alternative to a premium wax coating. It is done to provide an extra protective layer to the car paint.
  • PPF: It is a paint protection film applied on the cars to prevent them from rock chips, mineral deposits, acid rain, small scratches and etc. People like to get ceramic coating inside of PPF because it offers more extensive protection.

How can you start your own car detailing business?

Getting your car detailing business approved on paper is an easy task do and after that, you can easily open your own business. However, maintaining a car detailing business from which you can earn money and making it successful is difficult. In order to run a successful car detailing business, you need to know some techniques.

  1. Learn the skill of car detailing: You must know all the car detailing skills before starting a business. You can either take a course for these skills or you can learn them from a variety of different platforms like blogs, podcasts, social groups etc.
  2. Make a business plan: In this, you need to decide that what will be the location of your business. How many employees you would want to hire and how will you get your first customer? You need to know that is there any other car detailing business in your area with whom you might have to compete. And how will you fit into the market and what will be its future.
  3. Stock up on tools: Before starting a car detailing business, you need to stock up on the basic tools which you will require. It is important that you learn about the basic tools and supplies which you will need so don’t go overboard and spend money on the things which you do not even need. If the tools that have you have already bought are not enough then you can always go back and buy more.
  4. Partner up with a detailing business platform:

If you want a successful business then you have to impress your client with your professional and organizational skills. Investing in a detailing business platform can help you look more professional and organized. They will help you in making more money and enable your business to grow.

How should you price your car detailing services?

You should set your prices in accordance with the competitor’s car detailing services. Once you are starting, it is advisable that you start with a set of packages and fixed prices. But once your business grows you will see that people come with a variety of different conditions of cars. After establishing the business, you can charge for services according to the condition of the work and much time will it require.  

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