9 Innovative Ways To Successfully Promote Your Business

Promote Your Business

As the number of market competitors grows by the day, business promotion is no joke today. Marketing tricks that go things done a mere decade ago have become obsolete by now. Therefore, marketers and business owners are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to promote their business.

The following 9 tips and tricks come with the promise of raising brand awareness for all types of businesses.

Public customer reviews

It feels nice to read an honest customer review that praises your business model, doesn’t it? Well, customer reviews aren’t intended to be read by a single person, as they are a powerful marketing tool.

Since you are not the one writing the reviews (not should you ever produce fake reviews) you practically invest zero dollars in this promo activity. Letting customers organically promote your brand is arguably the best marketing method out there!

Every product or service should come with a blank field (online) and a blank sheet of paper (offline) where customers can write reviews. Once you generate enough feedback this way, publish it on the website and social media profiles, so prospective customers can see how awesome your brand is. 

E-mails are still pretty efficient

Surprisingly enough, e-mail communication is still popular today. You can use this free and fairly simple com channel to promote your business, especially when you have a new product to offer or a discount loyal shoppers cannot afford to miss.

However, populating your mailing list will prove difficult, so be sure to offer incentives to shoppers, such as discounts and exclusive offers. Otherwise, our promo e-mails will be considered spam, thus tarnishing your brand’s reputation.

Offer trade-in programs

You know how car manufacturers offer a 10% discount on a new car if you through in your old four-wheeler in the deal? Such trade-in programs do wonders for brand recognition, as they show an eco-conscious face to your company and they are economically tempting.

Namely, the sheer fact that they already “possess” part of the value of a new product will make people turn to your brand. From your perfective, trade-ins are profitable because you boost sales and get used products you can resell or even better, recycle (which should be pointed out on the promo poster).

Organizing a contest on social media

Speaking of social media, they are among the top ways to directly communicate with customers. Apart from the live chat option, why not organize a contest on your Facebook and/or Instagram page. The giveaway would be limited to social media exclusively and would not be available on the website or in stores.

The logic behind these contests is that they are engaging and most of all, fun to participate. As the buzz about the contest spreads online, more people will follow your page and you’ll get a fair deal of shares and likes. The increased engagement across social media accounts will raise the overall brand awareness.

Actively organize online events

Even after the coronavirus pandemic is over, online events aren’t going to lose popularity. Both employers and workers have figured out that it pays off to work from home, so why not move part of the promotional and organizational activities online.

For instance, you can live stream a conference so you get a wider audience. In general, pretty much every online meeting or workshop can be streamed live or recorded and then uploaded to your website. Generating engaging content is just part of a successful marketing strategy.

Hosting and sponsoring all sorts of events

Apart from organizing webinars and seminars online, you can host or sponsor all sorts of offline events. Customers have a life outside shopping and if you can latently become part of their lives, this would count as a huge promotional success!

By hosting or even better, sponsoring an event, you are getting your brand out there but discretely. In terms of the type of events you wish to host, think locally. Buying jerseys for the local soccer team or organizing a competition at the local beauty parlor are just some of the possibilities.

Custom offers

We have mentioned earlier how e-mail offers should be exclusive. Every person wishes to feel special, so taking the effort to customize an offer for loyal clients will definitely be worth your time.

In fact, if the strategy proves successful, you can hire extra staff to help you generate custom offers for thousands of clients.

Introductory specials are particularly popular with shoppers. They include discounted prices, bundle deals, “buy one get one free” deals, vouchers, coupons, double or triple points on loyalty programs, etc.

Exclusive previews

Apart from great deals, you can win over customers by offering them exclusive previews. Just like you create interest in an event, you can generate buzz before a product launch. However, not all people will see the novel service at the same time.

Loyal shoppers should get the opportunity to see, test, and purchase a product or service before it becomes widely available. This business move makes sense since loyal customers are the ones who are most likely to buy your products anyway, so why not make them feel special while you’re there.

Ensure your brand is visible

Back in the day, shopkeepers used to search for the best place to place their shop sign. Nowadays, the struggle is still there but companies fight for visibility in a different manner. As mentioned earlier, hosting and sponsoring events in the local community is one way to make your brand visible, literally.

Once people are used to seeing your brand name and logo all over the place, they will be used to shopping from you. Brand visibility and recognition are also important for hiring talent, as graduates flock to respected names in the industry.

The key to successfully promoting your business is to innovate the marketing strategy all the time. Old-school tactics, such as sponsoring a local sports club are still topical but digital marketing is now increasingly important. This might be the perfect time to organize an online promotion and stream it live!

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