5 Gender-Fluid Clothing Brands You’ll Wanna Shop From

The gender-Fluid movement has become a revolution within itself. However, people, many times, forget that it existed well before the distinction could be made. There have been multiple articles talking about the fact that how gender-fluid fashion is the future. The traditional and archaic expectations of how a particular piece of clothing should be for men and women have led to a gender gap. However, this new trend of gender-neutral clothing not only does away with these archaic traditions but also questions their existence altogether. 


We don’t need a brand to label itself as unisex to make a piece of clothing gender-neutral. Anything you want can be gender-neutral. For example, take t-shirts. T-shirts by brands like Bewakoof, campus-sutra, and such are gender-neutral. They have graphic tees that can be worn by anyone. The only distinction that they have done is on the basis of size for men and women, the designs and patterns are the same. 


However, even they are not gender-neutral, but you cannot exactly blame the brands like Bewakoof, Sweet Dreams, etc. well not completely at least, people, in general, themselves want these distinctions. Girls still can wear t-shirts for men but if you see a guy wearing something made for women then it raises a question on their masculinity. Why? This is a very toxic thought process that should be given up but nothing can be changed immediately. 

Let’s talk about 10 gender-fluid clothing brands you would like to shop from. These brands that we discuss will comprise both daily and formal wear. Let’s start:

  1. NorBlackNorWhite: This brand is a breath of fresh air. They aim to revive India’s age-old textile designs by aligning them with the modern sensibilities of the millennials. It brings together the traditional Indian Handicrafts with contemporary silhouettes. They have designed every piece of clothing with no difference in prints, fabrics, and silhouettes. They are breaking the barriers of traditional stereotypes and letting people be who they want to be. They have everything from loungewear to nightwear for all. They have the best t-shirts, shorts, shirts and such. 
  1. Bobo Calcutta: Bobo, that is Ayushman Mitra the founder of Bobo Calcutta wants people to feel like waking canvases, he believes that art has no gender, and hence, his clothes are a reflection of his art and the love that he believes is the basis of everything. The clothes are available in any form you would like be it t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, shirts, dresses, and such, and every piece of clothing is gender-neutral. You wouldn’t have to ask if this is a t-shirt for men or a dress for women. 
  1. Campus Sutra: A brand that begins for college students in 2017 has not announced itself as gender-fluid but their clothing is not differentiated in designs for men and women. Like, most brands it’s only the sizes that differ. They believe that casual wear is the new trend and have focused their efforts on producing quality Campus Sutra t-shirts, sweatshirts, and such. 
  1. Funkfeets: Funkfeets is a shoe brand that has brought quirky footwear to our doorstep. They are gender-neutral as they do not differentiate their sneaker shoe designs for men and women. Their target audience is GenZ which does not believe in impressing others but takes care of themselves. They like t-shirts, shirts, shorts, or shoes that represent them rather than a personality that someone else will like. Funkfeets is one shoe brand that can make them happy. 
  1. Bewakoof: Even Bewakoof has separate men and women sections but their t-shirts for men and t-shirts for women are mostly similar. They do not differentiate their fabric quality, print, or even designs on the basis of gender. 

We hope you found what you were looking for through this article. What do you think about gender fluidity, tell us in the comments? 

Throughout the long-term numerous entertainers like Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurana and such have been seen wearing and advancing unbiased design articulations. Ranveer Singh has even been savaged on numerous events for his men’s style attire decisions however he pays no regard. Haters going to abhor. Men in India have gotten more open to attempting various things with their examples of late. While it seems, by all accounts, to be implausible that sex fluid plan would get standard, parts of it, for instance, bloom weaving or print will reliably be accessible. The distinction between impartial and sex liquid style is very flimsy and a couple of brands are attempting to end up in this new design time.

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