4 Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

1. Ignoring stains: Every upholstery has its own pattern and beauty, just like you do. But if the fabric is stained with any food or liquid spills, it can be quite damaging for your furniture as well. The best way to deal with such problems is to clean them immediately after they are spotted on the surface of your furniture! Ignoring stains can create a bigger mess than you can imagine, so beware of it while performing upholstery cleaning Melbourne.

2. Using wrong chemicals: Apart from getting rid of dirt and stain-causing elements from your upholstered furniture, you also need to use the right kind of detergents (the ones that don’t harm the fabric) while performing up When you are hiring upholstery cleaners to clean your furniture, make sure that you check out their previous work. From them, you can understand if they know how to avoid the mistakes that most people usually do. To get a quick idea about this, read the following section on some of the most common mistakes that will damage your furniture:

Key Mistakes To Avoid When Sending Furniture For Cleaning In Melbourne

1- Avoiding looking at feedbacks from former customers: Many people undervalue online reviews and use them only when they have no other choice. However, as a smart customer who seeks quality services; taking time reading what your future potential upholstery cleaner has done gives you an idea whether they can deliver what they have promised.

2- Not reading out the cleaning agreement before payment: It is a wise idea to read the cleaning agreement of your upholstery cleaners in detail so that you do not get charged for any service that you did not ask for and also avoid misunderstandings. If there are terms that are vague or may be misleading, request them to explain it better. Also, pay close attention to services like stain treatment, re-stuffing and other enhancements because even though most companies include those services in their package, some customers who want a cheaper price end up paying for it later .

3- Using cheap quality cleaning materials : When you hire professional upholstery cleaners Melbourne , offer them adequate budget to provide you with the best services. Alternately, if you are opting for a do-it-yourself mode of cleaning upholstery, make sure that you have bought a quality material and not cheap ones. Because inexpensive products will not only cause damage to your furniture but also affect your health.

4- Relying on professional assistance blindly: Just like there are some people who undervalue online reviews, there is also a chunk of people who have lost their faith in professionals after being misguided by them once. Sometimes cleaner may advise treating certain stains/spots with hot water or steam which can lead to more damages instead of resolving the issues . Use your own judgment based on facts and advice received from reliable sources about how long you can leave the stain to get treated with a product.

Key Tips To Keep Your Furniture Safe While Doing Indoor Spray Mold Cleaning And Other Services:

Besides avoiding those mistakes, you should also know some tips on how to keep your upholstery furniture safe during cleaning and other services by professionals. Here are few helpful ones –

1- Using thick material for protecting the upholstered furniture while carrying out in-house dusting (previous article link): To avoid scratching or damaging your expensive upholstered furniture when you are doing in-house dusting; use a thick fabric like denim or canvas cloth instead of dry microfiber cloth. This will not only protect your furniture but it will also prove to be more economical.

2- Avoid leaving any spill or stain on fabric as soon as possible: Just like you clean stains from clothing while they are fresh, you should do the same for upholstered furniture. But if that is not possible, make sure that you deal with them immediately after they form. Waiting too long can cause irreversible damage to your fabrics.

3- Use protective covers while moving large items: You might want to move a heavy piece of furniture in another surface and during such times; you have to keep it safe from dust and other damages which may occur due to movement over rough terrain. In order for the furniture piece and your flooring to stay safe, put some protective covers under it. Even though, this step is not necessary if you are moving small items like coffee or end table but if you do so; make sure that they do not have any sharp corners to avoid hurting yourself .

4- Avoid treating stains and spots with wrong cleaning agents: One of the biggest mistakes that customers make while hiring professionals for indoor upholstery cleaning Melbourne is giving full responsibility to their cleaners and forgetting that they can also cause damage to your furniture by using wrong products or techniques. It is advisable to learn about these things from reliable sources before going wrong.

5- Follow manufacturers’ advice regarding colorfastness of materials used in your upholstered furniture: Some fabrics may be resistant against certain chemicals and solents. Always read the label on your upholstered furniture before applying any chemical or solvent to them. Use proper products for cleaning according to their colorfastness and also know about their suitability with certain materials.

6- Avoid scrubbing too hard: Scrubbing can sometimes lead to permanent damage of fabric and its dye. Make sure that you are not using any brush harder than required when cleaning your upholstery furniture. Refer approved practice guide or contact manufacturer if in doubt regarding how much force you need to apply while cleaning . After all, they know better about the quality of material used in making those pieces!

7- Schedule regular maintenance services: If you do not keep these things clean regularly, dirt, dust and grime will start accumulating which will not only make them look bad but in the long run, it can cause damage to your upholstery with a lot of abrasion. So try to schedule cleaning services on regular basis.

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